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How to resolve the service error code 49.4C02 on a HP Laserjet?

Resolved Question:

How to resolve the service error code 49.4C02 for a HP Laserjet 2420D?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  WesPCDr replied 5 years ago.
WesPCDr : Hi, I can help answer your question.

Are you printing PDF's when you get this error?

Under the Adobe Reader Print dialog, Press the "advanced" button and mark the "Print as Image" option.

JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : No it's not a PDF
WesPCDr : The error cod indicates a corrupt memory or a bad driver corrupting the data. Try re-installing the printer driver to resolve the issue.
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : How do i reinstall the printer driver
WesPCDr : If that does not work, then you'll need to re-seat the memory modules inside the printer.
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- :How do i reinstall the printer driver?
WesPCDr : What Operating System are you using?
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- :windows xp professional
WesPCDr :Ok. THanks.

One moment please.

Click Start, Printers, then delete the printer from the printer dialog box.

Click Start, Printers and Faxes
Right-click the Printer and select Properties
Click the Avdvanced Tab and click New Driver
Choose the driver for your printer and follow the prompts

Don't worry about deleting the printer if you haven't done it already.

JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : ok-trying now-stand by. The computer froze when i tried to do that-it's restarting now and then i will try again to reinstall the driver
The computer restarted, but it will not let me get to that printer's properties-i tried right clicking, i tried going through the control panel and i tried the properties on the right side-nothing
WesPCDr : Ok. Delete the printer in the Printer windows.
Double-click Add Printer to start the Add Printer Wizard, and then click Next.

Click Local printer, and then click Next.

JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : my concern is this: if i delete it, how can i get it back? obviously this is an old printer and i don't have any disks associated with it
WesPCDr : Follow the prompts to install the HP Laserjet 2420D printer.

When you choose Add Local Printer, you will see the Drivers to install the printer.

JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : ok-trying now stand by please
the error code is gone but still won't print
WesPCDr : Did you add the printer back and set the port to LPT1?
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : yes
WesPCDr : What does the print job say when you open the printer?
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : and the printer itself says "ready" and i printed one of the internal pages from the printer with no problem. i just can't print from the computer. i tried using notepad too. the print job just says pending-printer light
doesn't even blink, so i know it's not sent
WesPCDr : Try rebooting the computer, sometimes the LPT1 port stays in use and is not released by the system. You may need to delete the pritner again, then reboot, then add the printer back.
JACUSTOMER-t7iu81ie- : i've rebooted it and still not working
WesPCDr :

Delete the printer one more time and follow these steps --> HERE

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