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I just installed a hard drive in my toshiba estudio 3511. when

Customer Question

I just installed a hard drive in my toshiba estudio 3511. when it boots up it says call for service. I open in test mode and instead of the usual letters and numbers all I see id the letter D. What next?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
What is the exact error including any numbers?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
ok that error means normally that you need a new drive in this case it just means it doesn't have the software. You either need to move the files from the old drive onto the new one or update the firmware using the toshiba downloads from there site.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I cannot get firmware from toshiba on consumer side, only techs can. Also, when I get it, how do I load it into copier?
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
To get the firmware you need to go directly to toshiba no one else can legally give it to you. You will then need to but the rom on a flash drive and update it this way.

1. Install the ROM.bin data in the root directory of a blank USB memory device formatted as FAT (not FAT23). This file is found in rom-bin directory of the download package.
2. Turn off the copier.
3. Remove any existing USB dongles from the USB port(s) and insert the USB memory device containing the ROM.bin file.
4. Power up the copier holding the [4] and [9] keys
5. Press 0 to select the OS for update and deselect 1 ~6. Only update the OS. there will not be a description for firmware packages 1 and 3: This is normal.
6. Press [START] and let the update run to completion.
7. When the operation is complete, power down and remove the USB memory device.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I am so frustrated. Everyone says I cant get it from toshiba because i am not a authorized repair person. I just keep running in circles handing out money and getting no where.
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 5 years ago.
I can not get it for you and would be illegal for me to do so if I could. However a local shop (as long as they are authorized for toshiba) should be able to sell you a flash drive with the firmware on it. I would call around though as it is not supposed to be done so most wont and will either require you to have them do it, or tell you to get it directly from toshiba.