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I have a Canon MX882. I cant get the fax to receive faxes.

Resolved Question:

I have a Canon MX882. I can't get the fax to receive faxes. It will send faxes but not receive.What do you think is the problem?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  fbox replied 5 years ago.
Hi my name is XXXXX XXXXX I am here to assist you.

In order to recieve faxes on that machine you need to set it to recieve faxes from its display on the printer. The faxing is kind of stand alone for the printer, otherwise its seperate from any of its operatin on your pc.

Depending on your home setup you have a few options to switch it to.

For that model you have three options. FAX only mode, tel priority mode, and drpd mode. Unless you have distinctive ring service set up for your phone line you want to use tel priority mode or fax only mode.

Fax only mode means the prnter will always answer all incoming calls after so many rings that you set on display.
Tel priority means it wont attemp to pick up the fax unless you do so yourself by answering on the printer.

To set the mode:

  1. Select the receive mode.

(1) Press the FAX button.

The fax standby screen will appear.

Confirm the current receive mode (will show at top left of display).

(2) Press the center Function button.


The Receive mode settings screen will appear.

(3) Use the lleft or right arrow button to select a receive mode.


To configure advanced settings of the selected receive mode, press the right Function button to select Advanced.

After configuring the advanced settings, press the Back button to return to the Receive mode settings screen.

(4) Press the OK button.

The screen will return to the fax standby screen.

For tele priority mode how it works:

TEL priority mode

When a call incomes, the telephone will ring.*1

- If the call is a voice call, pick up the handset.

- If the call is a fax, pick up the handset. When the machine starts receiving the fax, hang up the handset.


Available settings in Advanced*2

Manual/auto switch: Sets the machine to receive a fax automatically without the handset being picked up. RX start time allows you to set the number of seconds until the machine switches to fax reception. After the machine switches to fax reception, you cannot talk on the telephone even if you pick up the handset.

User-friendly reception: Sets the machine to receive a fax automatically when you pick up the handset or when the answering machine answers a call that is a fax. If the machine unexpectedly switches to fax reception during telephone calls, set this to OFF.

Fax mode how it works:

FAX only mode

When a fax incomes, the machine will receive the fax automatically.


Available settings in Advanced*2

Ring count in Incoming ring: Change the number of times to ring the telephone.

*1 The telephone may not ring when a call incomes even if it is connected to the machine, depending on the type or settings of the telephone.

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