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What is causing my printer to print pink and blue lines across

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What is causing my printer to print pink and blue lines across the printed page?
I have tried cleaning the head as directed, but the lines remain.
If you have been using non-standard or non-OEM (or recycled, refilled, or remanufactured) ink cartridges, this can be one of the many results that make the expense of regular ink somewhat justifiable.

If not... if you have been using only OEM ink for quite some time... that's a different case.

Have you tried doing a test print page, one directly generated by the printer itself, without the involvement of the computer?

What is the Windows type/version on your computer, the one that you are printing from? or is it an Apple computer (in which case, what is the MAC OS X version from About This Mac under the Apple menu) ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I have a macbook pro computer that has an os 10.67. I always use new epson ink cartridges. I have done a test print page generated by the printer and have tried cleaning the head several times, all to no avail. I still get the lines of pink and blue ink when I print. I did notice that this occurred after changing the ink.
Then (if you still have the old cartridge(s) and they aren't too dirty with discarding to put back in the printer), put the old cartridge(s) back in, do a page or two of color test printing, see if the bad ink (/condition) clears out.

Did you switch providers (or supplier(s)) by any chance?

Also try this:

On the printer, press HOME, press SETUP, select MAINTENANCE, select NOZZLE CHECK, press START.
The nozzle check page will print.

Does it look anything like this:


or if it differs, how does it differ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok, I put the old cartridges in again but was unable to print anything because the cartridges were all empty and I got the report I needed to change them. So I put the new ones back in and tried the nozzle check. i got the same picture as the above example except that I still have pink and blue lines running through it.

I am frustrated.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I haven't changed providers. I purchase them from the Staples store near me.
If two of your ink colors are pink and blue, then that would mean a nozzle misfiring, perhaps, at the wrong time, or maybe 'stuck On' if you know what I mean.

I suggest returning the cartridge in question (or are there two, pink and blue [strictly, Cyan and Magenta, I think] ? then return them both) as defective, under the vendor's warranty. Try replacements. (Did you replace other colors than pink and blue? black for instance? then it's not that your printer can't work, it's that two (or one?) of your cartridges was defective. That's how it looks to me.)

If this helps with the problem and answers your question, then please click once on Accept for my Answer. (Only then will I be paid, by deduction of my share from the funds already deposited by you with JustAnswer. Thanks.)
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I would like to wait until tomorrow morning and purchase two new cartridges (maybe four...both shades of magenta and both shades of cyan because I am not sure which shade it is that is showing up.) Then I will respond to you by accepting answer.

Thanks for your suggestion. I hope this works.
I also have some hope for this, my non-standard and last-minute idea on the case.

Let me know what you know, when you find out for sure.

An Accept being registered will not close this call (not at once), and I will still attempt to help you with the case, if that is possible.

And by the way - to discover whether my notion is correct, just buy two cartridges - of one shade, the photo and the regular (I think that's the distinction.) If I prove to be wrong, you have only spent half as much money that way.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I have now replaced both cartridges and run a nozzle check and cleaned the head, per the printer instructions, but I still have the same pink and blue lines running across the page. So the problem must not be damaged cartridges.

I will press accept answer so that you get paid for your time, but the problem remains.
Are the pink and blue lines thick or thin, blurred or precise, wavy or straight?

Are they at even intervals, if so what is the separation of one line from the next?

Are they across the page (horizontally) - I have assumed this - or along the page's length?

And are they across the entire length (or width) of the page, or do they leave off before the edge of the paper is reached?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The lines are straight and go across the paper horizontally. At one point, a few weeks ago, there were only pink lines and they were about one inch apart. Now, there are additional lines between those and then the blue started to appear. The lines do not appear where there is no printing. If I run a copy on a blank sheet of paper, no lines appear. The lines start at the edge of the paper on the left side and run on the right to just a bit beyond the printed word, not all the way to the edge. The lines (9 of them within an inch) are not spaced evenly apart, but the pattern they make repeats every inch where there is print.
Well... if it's not the cartridge(s), and if it shows up in the nozzle check prints, then your printer's circuitry must have a severe defect. In which case it will require either repair servicing (not free, unless it is less than one year old since its date-of-purchase-new), or else replacement and recycling of this printer.

To locate an Epson service center in your area, go to this page

and go to the box labeled Service Center Locator at the lower right of that page, and enter

Artisan 810

in it and click the Go button, then click on the 'Service Center' link in the resultant page, and you'll get a popup window, in which you can enter your local zip code, and click 'Find A Servicer'.

If this helps with the problem and answers your question, then please click once on Accept for my Answer. (Only then will I be paid, by deduction of my share from the funds already deposited by you with JustAnswer. Thanks.)
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