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Canon 5520 printer. Computer tells me it is offline . Ive

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Canon 5520 printer. Computer tells me it is "offline". I've never seen that before, though I've had this printer for some 7 years. How do I get it back online? It has power and is plugged into the computer.
First try a hard reset:

Turn the printer OFF, when it is on, by suddenly and sharply unplugging it from the power source.
Also unplug it from the computer!
Leave it that way for 10 minutes.
(Meanwhile, reboot or restart your computer, too.)
Plug it back in.
Turn it on if it didn't turn itself on. Wait for it to initialize.
Try printing again.

Does that have any favorable effect on the Offline status?

If not, tell me what operating system is on your computer, and I will advise you further.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I didn't reboot the computer for fear I would lose you. However, I did power off the printer and unplugged it. No change. I have a MacBook Pro running OS 10.6.7. I suspect it has somehow gone to the wrong printer driver. When I try to print in Word, it tells me I have an HP deskjst 5400. Not true. When I select the Canon 5520 queue in my profile, it reverts back to a Canon series iP4600.
Your case will be accessible at all times from

which is the web page devoted to all of the posts to/about your question/case. It will be there at the same location even after you reboot - if necessary, Bookmark the page, before rebooting. A reboot is advisable. Go over the instructions again, with reboot, and get back to me. (Thanks for letting me know your exact MAC OS X version.)

As for the MS Word settings: if it is set to the wrong printer, then it will indeed show the wrong type of printer, and won't necessarily work correctly. But you can't print from any program, is that right? not even TextEdit ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was just able to print a download and an e-mail. Looks like the problem now is only with Word! I have been trying to reassign the printer within Word, but it reverts to the HP deskjet.
Then reinstall MS Word. That ought to do it!

I suspect the hard reset I recommended may have cleared the problem, except for the one within MS Word (which might possibly have caused it in the first place - sending the wrong printer's signals to this printer might have confused it to the point of knocking it offline.)

If this helps with the problem and answers your question, then please click once on Accept for my Answer. (Only then will I be paid, by deduction of my share from the funds already deposited by you with JustAnswer. Thanks.)
- Favorable feedback is appreciated.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
How do I fis the MS Word problem, especially if you suspect it caused the initial problem?
If you have the original installation media (disc(s)) for this version of MS Word for MAC OS X, and if you ALSO have the installation key-code with which Microsoft prevents piracy/unauthorized use of MS Word...... then you need to first uninstall the program from your computer, then restart the computer, then install it again from the installation media/discs, using the authorization code to complete the installation.

If that is not possible owing to lack of any of the above, then try selecting a different printer in MS Word, before sending any print job... if you can select a different printer, if you see a choice of printers at any point. If you don't... well, information on how to set the printer in MS Word on MAC OS X is kind of hard to find in general, so it would help if you looked in

Help - About MS Word (or About MS Office perhaps...)

and got back to me with the exact version of MS Word that you have, and where in it you see the wrong printer (HP Deskjet) selected. I might be able to work with specific info like that. Thanks.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
While I was awaiting your response, I was able to select the correct printer and print a document. Thank you for your suggestions.
It's always good to hear that 'its working again'. Thanks for using, and for letting me know the result.