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My black ink cartridge will not fit properly in the slot. It

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My black ink cartridge will not fit properly in the slot. It continues to pop up and will not snap in place and the computer reports that it is missing or damaged. I believe I have the right size. The other ink cartridges fit and they are the same number. I bought an HP564XL LD-HP321 Ink Cartridge./
First off, your 564 XL is indeed one of the cartridges proper for this printer.

Second, do you still have a/the old cartridge? if so, take the one that won't fit out, and try (gently, not too insistently) to fit the old one back in. Does it have the same problem? if so, it is indeed a problem with the printer and not the (new) cartridge, most likely.

Then look into the space where the cartridge fits. Do you see anything wrong, bent up, out of place, missing, broken off (maybe a little plastic protrusion... to be sure of this, take an adjacent similar cartridge out, and compare the two spaces, point by point, to see if they are identical or if one is different/defective by comparison.)

Let me know what you find out.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I asked another question, but I'm not sure if it went through, and if anyone's working on it. My cartridge went in but now it's printing my photo with parallel, bright pink lines all over.
Oddly enough, HP's official position is: Be patient. Wait. Let a few prints go by.

"Many print quality problems with black ink, such as poor black text or issues that occur with a newly installed black cartridge, clear up with the printer's automatic servicing routine. There is nothing you need to do. The print quality should start improving in a few hours.
If you cannot wait, cleaning the printhead could help."
(- from )

This makes some sense to me... your ink cartridge installation had a problem, now it sort of works... by and by hopefully it will altogether work.

And cleaning the printhead makes some sense... but this printer supposedly takes care of the problem. So just running several full-color test prints off might be most sensible. Say about 3 of them, at intervals of several minutes or more rather than all at once.
Check them in order, comparing to see whether the print quality is indeed improving (where it is defective in the first of the prints.)
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you very much. Am I being charged for that second question? I don't see a prompt to accept.
If you don't see a prompt, you won't be charged... and you aren't prompted for an Accept when my response is an Info Request... which I did deliberately, in order that you not be prompted to Accept a second time.
Thanks, that was a good question to ask.

May the question/case be closed now?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes sir. Thank you very much for your help.