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Category: Printers
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cannon MP495 Problem code error 5011, alarm and color ink blinking

Customer Question

cannon MP495 Problem code error 5011, alarm and color ink blinking all the time and printer will not work.
I have remove and replace many times , also put in a new color ink.

This printer will not work.

I have reloaded many times. I think the trash can would be a good place.

This is a new cannon Printer?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  bbl242003 replied 6 years ago.

Hello welcome my name is Bruce, "When you finish reading the Solution please scroll to the bottom part of this email to read about rewarding me with the accepted answer"

It appears your experiencing a device driver error, I recommend that you reinstall the device driver for this unit , before attempting anything else.


After reinstalling the software, if the error continues, then replace the data cable going from the unit to the computer


Set all the units settings back to the factory defaults


REMOVE all print cartridges, toners etc. and replace them with certified NEW replacements, AVOID REFILLS, as they normally clog your print nozzels and create permanent damage to your unit


Avoid attempting to place your hands inside the unit as many of the components are hot and will burn. CAREFULLY remove the power plug from the unit and allow it to rest overnight with NO POWER connected. Use the unit again the next day as normally as you did before.


IF Your unit is wireless enabled, the wireless connection tends to go OFF and ON whenever it is out of range, the router goes out for a day, or you simply lost your connection for a few hours. This is among the most frustrating of all errors because you believe that your unit no longer works, when the fact is the wireless function of it is temporarily unavailable. Best recommendation is to connect a hard cable directly to your unit from your computer and print once again until the wireless function comes back to life.


If your connected via a hard cable and you receive an error stating THE UNIT IS NOT RECOGNIZED, THE PORT IS OVERPOWERED, UNIT NOT AVAILABLE, OR UNIT PORT SURGE, THEN I recommend that you remove all USB devices physically from your computer, then install just your unit, attempt to print again.


There are TWO THINGS that cause the low memory errors.

1. when your computer is physically low on memory and your attempt to print to your printer, the printer will detect when ENOUGH PHYSICAL MEMORY is not available to perform the print job thus producing a low memory error. The fastest, free, and most reliable way to fix this is to remove not needed programs from your computer then try to print again.

2. If your using a physical memory flash drive or hard stick, for the printer to store the files for you, then it is OUT OF SPACE, open it up, and delete several files so that the error will go away once in for all


IF YOUR UP TO THIS SOLUTION and have not found that your original problem has not CHANGED AT ALL, AND YOUR UNIT IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY, then it is recommended that you replace the entire unit for another one. The costs associated with time, continued frustration with the unit, and lost of productivity, is MUCH GREATER then replacing the unit.

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