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my Lexmark 5400 tells me to clear the carrier jam and press

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my Lexmark 5400 tells me to clear the "carrier jam and press the check mark to continure"
the printhead "slams" back and forth when the check mark is pressed. there isn't anything blocking the carrier that I can see. when I open the lid to view the carrier the ink cartridges do not come to the center of the printer; it remains on the righthand side. what can I do to "clear" this error code?

tbwhite2040 :

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tbwhite2040 :

If you moved the carriage manually there is a good possibility that the carriage is out of alignment or damaged. There are little springs on the back of the carriage that can break very easily and will cause this problem. Also if the ink cartridges are not seated firmly in the carriage this could cause this problem. The only soltions at the point would be to have the printer repaired by an authorized service provider or replace the printer which is what most people do due to the cost of the repairs. Also if the printhead is slamming this is another sign that the printer needs repair. However, here is something to try to see if the carriage will free up.

Unplug the Power cable from the back of the printer. Unplug the USB cable also from the back of the printer.

Press and hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds to discharge any electricity left in the capacitors.

release the power button and plug the power cable back in and turn the printer on. Let the printer initialize.

once the printer is intialized, plug the USB cable back into the Printer and let Windows find it and install the drivers for it

Try printing again.

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