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Russell H.
Russell H., Printer and Office Tech
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where can I download the SERVICE MANUAL for HP Officejet Pro

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where can I download the SERVICE MANUAL for HP Officejet Pro 8500. Please notice I said service manual not user manual.

Russell H. :

Hi - I understand the distinction between Service Manual, and Owner's Manual or User Manual or Quick Setup Manual, very well. I will now look for a source for the service manual you ask about....

Russell H. :

- And here's the download source for that Service Manual:

Note that it is not for free, but at a cost of (listed) $ 17.49 (US dollars).

This website also has the service manuals for HP 8500n and HP 8500dn, should that be the exact and right model of your printer - check the manufacturer's label on the back side or under side of the printer, to make sure you don't order and get the wrong manual.

(Note that I and are not affiliated in any way with this website. But my recommendations of it have never produced even one complaint about quality, in quite some time.)

Russell H. :

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

I am glad you understand the difference between the manuals but if you look at my question you will notice I asked for a SM for the HP Officejet Pro 8500. What you sent me was the manual for the HP 8500 which is a large laser. There is quite a difference between those two printers. HP Laser printer manuals are quite easy to get but All-in-one Inkjets are a real pain sometimes.

Thanks for your effort

Oops. I was wondering if I got that wrong.... whether there was another type of 8500 by HP. That's why I pointed out the two other alternatives listed.

I can do better, I think.

Do you mean specifically the Officejet Pro by HP, whose HP model # XXXXX XXXXX A909a ?

I want to ask, to make sure I don't refer you something wrong again.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes you are correct. It is a A909g, its a Wireless. The name on the front is HP Officejet Pro 8500. The problem I am having is a feed problem from the bottom tray and it sounds like a broken or loose part inside. I usually like to know how the covers snap off but I will open it up if I can't get a manual. If the part is broken I still need the manual for part numbers. Isn't it great the support we get from HP.

Those other two you mentioned are 8500 with networking and extra drawers, I think.

OK, thanks for the info. Since it isn't on my usual sites for Service Manuals, it will take awhile to do a search and exhaust (possibly - or not) all the possibilities. I will post again to this case by the end of today, Eastern Time, with results - or I will Opt Out of the case and leave it for another Expert to contribute to, if there are none that I can find and if I have no ideas as to something helpful to suggest.

No HP documentation on your problem, no directly-HP-available service manual.

No HP Officejet Pro service manuals, period, anywhere. I did quite a long search - long enough and thorough enough that you won't need to repeat it.

No HP Officejet service manuals available on

This - dubious - probably irrelevant! - possible source for what you're looking for:
...this might NOT be in any way relevant to what you're seeking. I can't tell from here.


Manual called the HP Officejet Family Technical Support Solutions Guide.
Worth for your problem: unknown.
Site page:

There was a service manual for an Officejet LX - a very different type of HP printer - that I found. But at present Officejet models just don't have service manuals available to the public from any source, it looks like, in general.

As for you problem: You'll have to turn it off, unplug it, take off covers, and figure out how to get at the part that is having a problem. Since this is often, too often, a pain and a waste of time (unless you've done it a lot of times before on various models of printer, even if not nec. HP), I would advise you to exhaust all possibilities of finding out what's wrong simply by opening all hatches readily openable, removing all paper trays etc. readily removable, and looking in (with a small mirror if nec., and) with a flashlight.

If there is a repetitive 'snap-snap-snap' sound when paper tries to feed from the bottom tray, also check whether the tray itself has any problem... probably not, but it's worth a try.
Usually, paper is 'plucked' off the paper stack with a roller, sometimes on a cam, sometimes not... the cam the roller is on, which has to descend enough to pick the topmost sheet off the stack, regardless of how tall the stack is to some extent, might be what is making noise and not working. If the bottom tray is removed, this may become visible enough... or perhaps not.

Good luck. If I can help you further (with some usefulness to myself and to your problem), let me know.
I hate to ask for payment for a somewhat negative result, but I did do that thorough search, and it took over half an hour.
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