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Sandeep Pamarati
Sandeep Pamarati, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  Bachelors in Electronics and Proficient in troubleshooting Computer and Printer-related problems
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Trying to install wireless Canon printer (Pixma mx 340) to

Customer Question

Trying to install wireless Canon printer (Pixma mx 340) to be used with new Toshiba laptop. I have the printer set up but when trying to install using the cd, I get to the MP Drivers box & it freezes the whole computer. The installation progress stays at 0. What do I do now? I have AT&T DSL & a 2wire AT&T wireless router connected-don't see a WPS button on the router. Help! Thanks Karen
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Sandeep Pamarati replied 6 years ago.

Sandeep Pamarati :

Hi Sir,

Sandeep Pamarati :

Happy to help you...

Sandeep Pamarati :

I am providing the instructions....

Sandeep Pamarati :

If setup does not automatically locate installation files and the below message appears, open Device Manager and update the device driver(s) by browsing to C:\Windows folder.

1. From the Start menu, right-click 'Computer' and then select 'Properties' to open Device Manager.

* The Start menu can be opened by clicking on the 'Start' button located on the bottom left corner of the desktop.

2. On Computer Properties window, click 'Device Manager', which is located under Tasks.

3. If you are prompted to permit Microsoft Management Console to start, click 'Continue'.

4. On Device Manager window, scroll down to find Other devices and then click the '+' (plus) symbol to the left of Other devices.

5. Right-click on the Canon printer model and select 'Update Driver Software'

6. On Update Driver Software window, select 'Browse my computer for driver software'.

7. In the drop-down, select 'C:\Windows' and then go to step 8.

1. If C:\Windows does not appear in the drop-down, click 'Browse'.
2. In Browse For Folder window, click 'Computer'.

3. Now click 'Local disk (C:)', scroll down to select 'Windows' and then click 'OK'.

8. Confirm 'Include subfolders' box is checked and then click 'Next'.

9. After the device file is installed, repeat steps 4 through 8 to install all Canon device files. You will know when all device files have been installed when no Canon devices appear under Other devices or Other devices no longer appears in Device Manager.

Sandeep Pamarati :

Let me know if it helps...

Sandeep Pamarati :

Thanks for your time...

Sandeep Pamarati :

Any Updates....