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I have a Canon MP530 All-in-one and need to know how to scan

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I have a Canon MP530 All-in-one and need to know how to scan multiple documents and save to my computor.



First you need to download and install the MP Navigator software from this link :

Then do this :

You can load multiple documents in the Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and scan them at one time.

  1. Place the documents in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
    1. To scan using the ADF, remove any documents from the platen glass.
    2. Open the document tray.

    3. Insert the documents face-up in the ADF and then adjust the document guides.

      When scanning using the ADF, the documents will automatically feed.

  2. On the Windows desktop, double-click 'MP Navigator 2.2'.
    1. Alternatively, on the Windows taskbar, click 'Start', point to '(All) Programs', 'Canon', then 'MP Navigator 2.2'.
    2. Then click 'MP Navigator 2.2'. MP Navigator opens.

  3. Click 'Batch Scanning'.

  4. Click Document Type drop-down arrow and select the type of document to be scanned. Chose from the following types.

    * Color Document(Simplex): Select this to scan one side of color documents.

    * Color Document(Duplex): Select this to scan both sides of color documents.

    * B/W Document(Simplex): Select this to scan one side of monochrome documents.

    * B/W Document(Duplex): Select this to scan both sides of monochrome documents.

    * Text(Simplex): Select this to scan one side of text documents.

    * Text(Duplex): Select this to scan both sides of text documents.

  5. Click 'Specify' and set the preferences as required. Click here for detailed information.

  6. After making the setting changes, click 'Scan'.
    1. After the documents are scanned, a dialog box will appear indicating to load the next document.

    2. After the next document is loaded, click 'Scan'.
    3. Repeat steps 6a and 6b until all documents have been scanned and then click 'Exit' to end the scanning process.

  7. After all documents have been scanned, ensure the documents, in the preview area, are selected (have a check mark).

  8. Click 'Save to PC' or 'Save as PDF file'. Save to PC is displayed when an image is captured with Scan Photo/Document or Batch Scanning.

    Save to PC dialog box

    Save as PDF file dialog box

  9. Make settings to save a file. (Click File save settings for details.)

  10. Click 'Save' after all settings have been selected.

File save settings

  • Save in
    Display the destination folder to save the scanned image. To change the destination, click 'Browse' and specify the destination folder. The MP Navigator folder in the My Pictures (Windows 98: My Documents) folder is specified by default.
  • File name
    Enter the file name of the image to be saved up to 32 characters long. When saving multiple files, 4 digits are appended to the file name.
  • Files of type
    Select a file type to save the captured image. JPEG, TIFF and BMP are available on the Save to PC screen. PDF, PDF(Multi Pages) and PDF(Add Page) are available on the Save as PDF file screen.
  • Create folder by current date
    Select whether to create a subfolder named with the current date (for example, '2004_10_01') to save the scanned image in.

PDF Settings
Configure the indexing settings when saving as a PDF file.

  • Enable keyword search
    Checking this setting converts characters in a document to text data to enable an easy search by keyword.
  • Document Language
    Select a language for the text data to create a keyword searchable PDF.
  • Detect the orientation of text documents and rotate images
    Detects the orientation of the document from the scanned text, and rotates the scanned image to the correct orientation.
  • Correct the inclination of text documents
    Detects the scanned text and corrects the angle (within -0.1 to -10 degrees or +0.1 to +10 degrees) of the document.
  • PDF Compression
    Select a compression type for saving.
  • Add to
    This setting is available when you select PDF(Add Page) for Files of type and specify the PDF file to which images are added. To change the destination, click 'Browse' to specify.

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