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Robert Preston
Robert Preston, Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  5+ Years of Hardware Printer repair including installation and repair of Xerox MFP devices
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Cannon Pixma MP530. When printing text in black, I get horizontal

Customer Question

Cannon Pixma MP530.
When printing text in black, I get horizontal white lines (blank lines) about an inch apart throughout the page. This doesn't happen when the print is in a color.

I've printed the nozzle check pattern, head cleaning, deep head cleaning, aligned the print head, and even changed the 5PGBK cartridge. Nothing helps. What do you suggest?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Robert Preston replied 8 years ago.
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Robert Preston :



Robert Preston :

Most likely this is a print head issue. The print head is what the cartridges sit in inside of the printer. To attempt to resolve it, do the following:

(1) Open the printer and wait for the carriage to slide over. If for some reason it does not follow these instructions:
(a) Unplug the printer
(b) Manually slide the carriage over until you can get the ink cartridges out.
(2) Remove the ink cartridges from the print head.
(3) Use cotton swabs dipped in hot water or a mix of hot water and isopropyl alcohol to thoroughly clean the print head.
(4) Repeat this until there is no ink residue coming off on the cotton swab.
(5) Once finished, allow to dry and replace the cartridges
(6) Try to print something now

If that does not work then you have one of two possibilities:
(1) One of the ink cartridges is defective and causing the error
(2) If it's definitely not that, then the print head will need to be replaced.

Customer: No luck. I cleaned what I think are the heads (even with a small mirror it was hard to see down there) and replaced the black cartridges. Is replacing the print head something I can do, or do I need to take it somewhere for repair? Or will it be more cost effective to just buy a new printer?
Robert Preston :

Yes you can do it