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getting error message paper jam 077-901 and can not find any

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getting error message paper jam 077-901 and can not find any paper anywhere

I believe you have a problem with some paper or remnants from the jam stuck in the the registration sensor area. To test the registration sensor, you need to enter Customer Diagnosis mode on the printer. To do this:

1. Power off the printer
2. Press and hold the UP and DN arrow keys while powering on the printer; the buttons may be released when the LCD indicates "Diagnosing".
3. LCD should indicate "Customer Mode" and "ESS Diag" (or something similar).
4. Press the DN arrow to display "IOT Diag"; press the ENTER button.
5. LCD should indicate "IOT Diag" and "Digital Input"; press the ENTER button.
6. Press the UP/DN buttons until the desired DI-xx is shown, then press the ENTER button to execute the test.

The test we want to run is the Regi-Sensor test -- DI-3. Press the up arrow until the LCD indicates "DI-3 OFF" then press the enter button. The LCD should now indicate "DI-3 L 0". If it indicates "DI-3 H 0", then there is indeed some paper jamming the regi-sensor area.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
where is the regi-senor area it says di-3ho

I've included an image (click here) that should help you understand where the registration sensor is located and where paper enters the sensor area. This view is from the paper tray area (tray removed) looking up, and into, the tray area. When you can toggle the regi-sensor positioner and get the display to change from L to H to L, continuously, then you've cleared the jam. The number will increment indicating how many times you've cycled the positioner


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thank you , thank you, XXXXX XXXXX