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i cannot restore the factory settings on my brother hl 5370

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i cannot restore the factory settings on my brother hl 5370 dw printer every time i try following bthe intrustions in the manual when i print aswettings page the ip address shows
Hi, it may not be picking up the automatic address from the router.

Typically DHCP is used to change the addresses from zero to your network address range.

Is the printer connected wired or wirelessly to the NETWORK ?

Did you follow these steps and see the blinks properly?

*hold down go as you turn on power, wait for all lights to blink, status light off, release go, press Go six times)

Also, if wireless, are you sure its enabled. (it will say active when you print the status page)


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

when i try to restore factory settings i follow the correct sequience the but on test printout it lists the ip address as it then recommends you leave for one minute then repeat but each time i do it stays the same. I am trying to set up a wireless connection with a cable as recommended to my laptop. On my desktop i have a wireless internet router(livebox-orange) which is listed in devices found on my laptop when i try to install but it does not list my laptop and when i get to wireless link status it says Failed to Associate. On the 3 page printer settings printout it sometimes in< IPsettings> it will give an ip address and will list livebox but in IPv6 it says disabled and LLTD as disabled?

Hi, Sorry for the delay. I was offline until now...

Based on your description, I am still not understanding your setup.

When you say "I am trying to set up a wireless connection with a cable as recommended to my laptop" do you mean you are connecting a cable from your laptop to the printer in an attempt to configure the wireless connection on the printer?

Your best strategy would be this.

Connect everything wired. Laptop and printer both connected to the same router WIRED. You cannot just connect the pc to the printer...

Do the reset procedure on the printer then print a configuration page. You should have an ip address. IPv6 does not matter. Everythings using IPv4 for now. You may have to look in the instructions and enable the WIRED connection after reset. It may turn it off by default

Once you have an IP address on the printer, you can configure the wireless via the webpage interface to the printer and/or verify that you can print.

If you want, you can skip the wired part IF you can get the wireless configured first. But you will need to be able to enter the wireless network name and password...

Here are the instructions for both temporary wired then convert to wireless (which i recommend), or straight wireless (which appears to be failing for you) select the one you want from the choices....

read through the instructions on both then let me know if youre still having a problem.



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