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Can I fix my Ink Absorber almost full problem myself or must

Customer Question

Can I fix my 'Ink Absorber almost full' problem myself or must it go to a service centre?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.

Please do this and let me know :

1.With the printer powered off but connected to a power source,
press the Power button while pressing and holding the Stop/ Reset button.

2.When the Power is lit, press the Stop/Reset button two times
while pressing and holding the Power button.

3.When releasing the Power button and the Stop / Reset button (regardless of order),
the printer will move into a service mode. (Waiting for menu selection)

4.When the on/off lights in green, press the Stop/Reset button the
specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below.
(Each time the Stop/Reset button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange
and green, starting with orange.)note: press 4 times for waste ink counter reset.


The number of the Reset button pressing LED Function Remarks
0 time Green Power off
1 time Orange Service pattern print (auto teste)
2 times Green EEPROM print (dados da EEPROM)
3 times Orange EEPROM reset (EEPROM reset)
4 times Green Waste ink counter reset (Absorvente reset)
5.Turn off the printer.( it must be turn off) then turn it on again.


Let me know


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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi There and thanks for the help so far.

This printer is about two years old and has none of the buttons you are recommending, ie: Stop / Reset, or Power.

It has a On/Off button on the right of the control panel, Then fromn right to left, three buttons with symbols for, I presume Black and white printing , colour printing and a triange which I do not know what it does.

Then there is the digital display which shows what mode is on.

Three lights next to it indicating the paper choice, three display leds marked B A and a Triangle and on the far left three buttons that say Scan, Fit to page and some tools (screwdriver and wrench) which I assume represent some service button.

I am rather techically challenged but cannot for the life of me work out which buttons to press. over to you buddy.

By the way I am in South Africa, Maybe the Canon export models are different here.

Expert:  Andy replied 7 years ago.

In that case you have a different model I suppose.

Waste ink full means that the sponge absorber that absorbs the extra ink on cartridge nozzles is almost full.

Sometimes this error comes up by mistake and using above method you can reset the counter. But in your case it looks like the error is real.

You need to first turn off printer and try to move the cradle to the center slowly without breaking it. It must be stuck there or something is jammed. Then try to remove the sponge and either try to clean it up with water or contact canon and they will get it repaired for you.

If in warranty, dont do any of above and just send it to canon for free repair.

Else take it to a local repair shop if you need to replace the sponge.

Feel free to ask any question or concern you may have. I will be glad to help you.


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