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7 tech tools to help you during the crisis

If you have a burning question in need of a fast, professional answer without leaving the house – about immigration, custody issues, pet health, taxes, employment, teaching, couples counseling or just about anything else – is the site to bookmark right away

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Tech Talk with Anu: Andy Kurtzig, Founder & CEO of JustAnswer

Anu Deshpande's interviews Andy Kurtzig, Founder and CEO of JustAnswer.

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20 Best Ways to Make Money Online

People want your knowledge, whether they're college kids working on a thesis, an investigative journalist working on an article or a TV news anchor who needs a crash course on a topic. You can get paid for your smarts. Try sites like

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Tomorrow's Gig Economy Marketplaces Are Smarter, Larger and More Global

Professional services marketplace JustAnswer (which connects people with certified professionals like doctors, lawyers and tech support technicians for help) launched an AI chatbot that answers simple questions, helps qualify leads and more effectively connects its customers with one of the site's experts.

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Can Small Animals Live with Cats?

While you might not think of prey and predators as the best of pals, friendships between cats and small animals do exist. Roy Cruzen, DVM and Veterinary Expert on JustAnswer, has extensive experience working with birds and exotic animals, as well as a background working with wildlife rehabilitators, and he posits that domestication makes it possible for animals on opposite sides of the food chain to live together.

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Why You Should File Your Taxes ASAP

Fraudulent tax returns have been declining in recent years thanks to enhanced security measures deployed by the government. "They are still not ahead of it, [but] the IRS is getting their arms around [it] now," says Lane Mullinax, an attorney and certified financial planner on the Q&A platform JustAnswer.

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Your Dog Ate Your...What? New York Has Some of the Most Cases of Dogs Eating Underwear, Marijuana

A study by JustAnswer, a question and answer platform for dog owners, reviewed thousands of questions the site received from January 2015 to August 2017 and identified trends concerning the potentially toxic items dogs are ingesting.

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Your dog ate what? Underwear, road flare and other surprising things make the list

Dogs are well-known for swallowing first and asking questions later, but eating an entire tube of rectal cream? That’s unexpected; however, a study by, an online professional Q&A site that lets you get expert advice on a variety of topics, says it happens, and it’s starting to happen a lot more.

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Tomato Juice Is A Myth. Here's What You Need To Do If Your Pet Gets Skunked

If an animal has been sprayed in the face, it will often rub its eyes against the ground to try to remove the painful irritations. Ryder, who fields pet questions on the Q&A website JustAnswer, recommends rinsing the eyes with a saline solution — either contact solution, artificial tears or eye wash. Make sure to wash your pet’s mouth with cool water too.

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10 Ways To Support A Friend Or Relative With Cancer

Stay in touch and offer a listening ear. "What friends or loved ones will find helpful is knowing that you are there for them, no matter what, and will check in on them periodically," notes Kelman who is also a mental health expert on JustAnswer. Know someone who is going through chemo? Here are the best ways to be there for them.

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17 Ways To Help Raise More Money For Your Financial Goals

Do you know estate law like the back of your hand? Or perhaps you’re a walking almanac when it comes to classic cars. Even if you’re not, you can earn some serious cash by becoming an expert for Q&A companies like JustAnswer. While JustAnswer does have a formal review process, you can focus on your application to reflect expertise on any of over 175 different categories that are featured on the site.

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How To Stop Your Dog From Panicking Over Fireworks put me in touch with Dr. Michael Salkin, a veterinarian with expertise in advanced training in dog behavior. Salkin worked in the Bay Area for many years before joining, where he says he now works harder than he ever did before. Fortunately, he loves it.

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50 Ideas for a Lucrative Side Hustle

Websites like JustAnswer pay you to answer professional questions. If you have a high-level skill such as in the law or medicine or information technology, you could get paid to help others navigate certain topics or areas of contention that they might be faced with in life.

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51 Legit Ways to Make Money Online

As a professional in just about any field, you can offer your expertise on JustAnswer. They are looking for professionals in various fields who will provide answers to reader’s questions. You can make money online by answering these questions and pointing people in the right direction to get the solutions that they need.

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