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Mr. Gregory White
Mr. Gregory White, Master's Degree
Category: Pre-Calculus
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Using the data set supplied in Doc Sharing and StatCrunch,

Customer Question

Attachment: 2015-05-01_012151_independent_project_data_april_26_3.xls

Using the data set supplied in Doc Sharing and StatCrunch, provide the following for the variable(s) of your choice: 1.Frequency distribution of a variable and bar graph of the same variable 2.Descriptives of a continuous : mean, median, mode, skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation 3.Cross tabulation of two variables 4.Comparison of the effect of two or more groups (single variable) on a single continuous variable 5.Scatterplot of two continuous variables 6.Correlation between the two continuous variables Think carefully about what kind of variables to choose for the given tasks. A short descriptive statement should accompany each of the above including a description of the variables used and any meaning that may be attached to the results. The student must show that she or he is able to synthesize and apply the materials learned in class. Part of the class computer time is expected to be spent on this project. Submit to the appropriate Drop Box in a Word document.

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pre-Calculus