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Sandhya_sharma, Master's Degree
Category: Pre-Calculus
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Experience:  I hold M.Sc and M.Phil degrees in math and have several years of teaching experience.
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Hellooo, please find the link :

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please find the link :

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Thanks for your question:

I think you need help with the question.

How to simplify cuberoot(8x^7)

You made one mistake 8 = 2^3 not 2^4

Let us do this:


= cuberoot(2^3 * (x^2)^3*x)

Rewrite it as

= cuberoot( 2^3*(x^2)^3 *(x))

= cuberoot((2x^2)^3*(x))

= cuberoot((2x^2)^3)*cuberoot(x)

= 2x^2*cuberoot(x)

I hope it will help you.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thank you for your response sure its help me, but I need answer for the another question its for my paticipation I have to post them tomorrow.


Best regards


Thanks for accepting. Please post another question.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.


the other quistions which I need comment are:


1) The two steps two simplifying a radical expression according to our reading this week in Chapter 10 are:

Step 1: Determine the largest perfect nth power factor of the radicand
Step 2: Use the product rule to factor out and simplify this perfect nth power.

Neither of these steps can be removed in the process of simplification. A step that I would add to make these a little easier to understand and work with would be to reduce the numbers under the root as much as possible Working with smaller numbers will help you because sometimes the bigger numbers can be pretty intimidating. I know this is true for myself. I would lots rather work with the number 5 for example than 625. Instead of using 625 in an radical number we could write it as 5^4. I tend to try and do this quite a bit so I don't overload my brain.


2) The two steps for simplifying radicals are:
1.) Determine the largest perfect nth power factor of the radicand.
2.) Use the product rule to factor out and simplify this perfect nth power.
I am not sure if either one could be deleted, but they both are taking you to the answer of the problem more than likely it is just different problem so I would say no it neither one can be deleted. A step I would add be one that would show how and when to use each step. For example when would one know to use the largest perfect nth power and to use the product rule.
This all is very confusing to me, I still do not really see how the simplifying works out.


3) The Maine question of this comment which below was: What role do radical numbers play in your current or future profession? Provide a specific example and relate your discussion to your classroom learning this week.


Classmate comment

I honestly don't think that they do at all. I felt the same way in high school. Partially because I couldn't stand math so I wanted to make sure I avoided it at all costs!
I won't be a rocket scientist or a doctor. Nor will I be making large masses of money that need to be calculated in radical numbers. After looking into it a bit, going into the IT profession as a web designer, I really only foresee myself having to use these numbers if I am working on a web page that has something to do with math or science. Perhaps I may use it when calculating cost for the company but I can do it in a much more simple way with just addition and subtraction. I do feel more confident after this class that if I do need it, I would be able to use it correctly.


all which above need comment from you for my participation.


Thank you




Sorry, I can't help in this.

Thanks for asking
Customer: replied 5 years ago.