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You have been asked to design the entire cabling system for

Customer Question

You have been asked to design the entire cabling system for a medical instrument manufacturer’s new central warehouse. The company already has three buildings within two city blocks, and the warehouse will be its fourth building. Currently, the buildings run on separate networks, but the company would like to be able to exchange data among them. For example, the Quality Control Department in building 1 would like to be able to access servers in the Research Department in building 2. In addition, the Sales Department in building 3 wants to conduct video training sessions for its representatives in the field via the Internet. Next door, in the warehouse, 50 shipping and packing personnel in the Fulfillment Department will be riding up and down the aisles on forklifts pulling inventory off the shelves on a daily basis. What kind of transmission media would you recommend for each different building and department of the medical instrument company and why? What type of media would you recommend using to connect the buildings and why? Finally, what kind of media should the company request from its ISP for connecting the corporate WAN to the Internet?
also must consider cost and signals being transmitted via airwaves..want to use vpn in building 3 and building 4 will be wireless

While you were gathering information to recommend transmission media for the medical instrument manufacturer, you noticed that some of the Telco rooms were in disarray. For one thing you notice sloppy cable terminations. Further, cables are pulled tightly around the corners of racks and inter-twined. You also suspect that the horizontal wiring spans exceed TIA/EIA 568 recommendations. And to top it off, cables, ports on connectivity devices, and data jacks aren’t labeled. However, the company’s network manager tells you she and her staff don’t have time to attend to these oversights. What can you say to convince her that the minor oversights could have a significant impact? What do you consider the single most important reason to pay attention to faulty terminations and excessive horizontal wiring spans? Why is it critical to label patch cables, ports, and data jacks?



note:i do need this soon thank you!



Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Powerpoint and Presentations