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Two weeks ago, while on cruise ship, shooting some baskets

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Two weeks ago, while on cruise ship, shooting some baskets and running after the ball, I twisted my knee. It wasn't too serious, so I treated with usual RICE, then heat. After I returned from the cruise I went to the physical therapist who treated my other knee 16 years ago. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction, but after the improvement plateaued, I decided to go to the ortho two days ago. At that point, he only took xrays, and the good news is the knee, per the xrays, was in very good shape, especially considering my age. So I am scheduled for an MRI on Wednesday.
Last night and this morning, my knee has tremendously stiffened. Two things for consideration: Yesterday I treated the knee (for the first time, and with the ok from my chiro) with LLLT (low level laser treatment) and a powerful rain system moved into my area (greater New York region). I had used the LLLT before on my back and on my wife's various pains with very good results. Could the LLLT have caused this setback? Is it more likely the storm and it's low barimetric pressure is causing this increased pain? Also, best way to treat it this morning? Ice? Heat? Exercises the therapist showed me (that seemed to working beautifully)? Ultrasound? (which I have at home). There appears to be minimal swelling. Finally, it feels much when I move around.

This is Dr. David

the lower level laser treatment most likely didn't negatively affect your knee

more likely the change in weather.

you can alternate ice and heat and see which one works better.

you can also try glucosamine supplements which can help the joints and knees as well

turmeric is also a natural anti-inflammatory which could help your knee.

keep doing the exercises.

let me know if you have other questions.

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