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I was driving my2008 Porsche Cayman and suddenly a while

Customer Question

Hello! I was driving my2008 Porsche Cayman and suddenly a while came out of the exhaust. I tow the car to my house as it was still starting. After ready treads on the issue, compare Symptoms and talk to few Mecanics, l concluded that the air oil separator had failed. My engine oil went from full to minimum. When l start the car it let a big cloud out of the exhaust pipe. When l tried to start it again te engine wasn t turning and was acting like it was kicked. No crank, no turn over. I replaced the air oil separator, vhamge the oil and filter, change the air filter, teplaces the plugs. While replacing the plugs l noticed that one cylinder had oil in it and that oil was drained after l removed all the plugs and crank the engine to let all the oil in the cylinder out. I had a big oil
Ejection out of one cylinder. After cleaning. before replacing the plugs, l replace the oil separator, the oil filter, new oil, and new air filter and l ram a leak check from the cylinder Spark plugs hole. No oil leak l crank the car several times to turn the engine to see if there is oil leak though the cylinder. No leak . I place the new plugs and start the car. The was running freely. No blockage buy the smoke was present. The new is leaking though the exhaust and is now at minimum. I need help to identified the problem.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Porsche
Expert:  porscheguru replied 1 year ago.

Hi How are you doing? I hope better than your car. I am trying to read through your notes right now. So after you replaced the oil separator and you pulled the plugs to get the oil out of the cylinders you are saying you are having oil leaking from the tailpipe?