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If a wire harness is completely removed from my 1998 Carrera

Customer Question

If a wire harness is completely removed from my 1998 Carrera 993 Cabriolet, does it render my vehicle UN-repairable? I was told that the 'mock installation' method must be used to first pair up all plugs & connector of the new wire harness being installed and the damaged factory original harness, being removed, in a 'mock installation'. Then, one pair of plugs at a time, a plug is unplugged from the factory original wire harness and its corresponding plug from the new wire harness is plugged into that same location, one pair at a time, in a piece-meal fashion, until the damaged factory original wire harness is completely removed and the new wire harness is completely installed. Unfortunately, this was not done in my vehicle, as the wire harness has been completely removed, and no Carrera mechanic wants to touch it!
Again, the wire harness is completely removed from my vehicle. Your thoughts on installing a new wire harness?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Porsche
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

why was the harness removed? why didn't the mechanic finish the job?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
A tow truck company attempted to jump my vehicle with the jumper cables reversed on the battery, and it 'fried' the electronics, requiring a new wire harness. The mechanic attempted the repair, but its been over a year now since its been towed to his shop for repair. On inspection, I noticed the wire harness completely removed from the vehicle. I asked for a second opinion, and was told that removing the wire harness 'totals' the vehicle, but I want a second opinion.
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

I would also say its totaled.. I would file a claim with the company that caused the damage and the shop that took it apart.. everything is fixable but at what cost? no tech wants to work on something someone else took apart...its a nightmare.. I would not want to do it unless I had the twin car parked next to it for refrence .. sound like in the insurance world its a total loss

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have contacted independent Porsche repair shops and dealerships alike, ans no one wants to attempt it into their shop to work on it, knowing the wire harness is removed. This is my baby! a 1998 triple black Cabriolet: last 911 with the legendary air cooled engines & last 911 with the most popular 993 'wide body' body style. This is the only vehicle I have owned since 2003. I live in southern California but would be willing to ship it anywhere in the continental USA for repair. Any takers that you know who would tackle this project?
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

I can ask around

Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

there is a expert here that runs a Porsche specialty shop... I dot have room for a brother in law runs a huge Porsche dealership n the midwest

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Three last questions: Yes I know that the Space Shuttle's electronics can be rebuilt from the ground up for a price, but within the context of a authorized Porsche Dealership taking on this challenge, ask your brother in- law who owns a Porsche Dealership :
1) With my vehicle's factory original wire harness "removed" does it essentially render the vehicle UN-repairable, from the aspect of an authorized Porsche Dealership installing a new authentic Porsche wire harness into my vehicle?
2)More specifically, can HIS Dealership install a new wire harness into my vehicle, now that the factory original wire harness has been removed? ( I can ship it to him if he wants the job!) (ask him, as I need an answer from an Authorized Porsche Dealership)
3) If you answer 'no' to the first 2 questions, is there anyone else on the planet that YOU know if willing to attempt this repair? I am willing to wait patiently for days or weeks for an answer to question No.3.
I can accept three (3) 'no's answers Eauto, but man it will hurt real bad if 'no' ends up being all three (3) answers. Please take your time in getting back to me, and make sure the answers are correct to the best of your knowledge. Thank you!!
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

he is a service manager for one ill ask him, is repairable but likely will be costly,. 2 im sure they can ,the question is do they have time and room and a desire to do it..

ill ask him if there dealership is willing.... if not try calling Midwest eursport 104 W. Irving Park Rd. Bensenville, IL 60106 | tel.(###) ###-#### | fax(###) ###-####

or Upstate Imports Contact: Matt

Address:*****Rt 48 City: Baldwinville State: NY Zip: 13027 Phone:(###) ###-####

or cantech in Syracuse ny

Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago. id go thru this list one by one before I shipped it across state lines but cantech and upstate imports are both excellent shops

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I really want an authorized Porsche Dealership to do the work if at all possible, and quite frankly, your brother -in-law is my last chance at a Dealership doing the work. I will wait for a definitive answer to all three questiond directly from your brother-in-law first, before I contact the independent shops you listed. . I know I can't keep this dialog window open on my computer indefinitely . Can you please follow up with me at***@******.*** if your brother-in-law wants the job! I appreciate your time !
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Perhaps a bit more information is needed :only an authorized Porsche Dealership is authorized to install a authentic new Porsche wire harness, part number 993-612-019-05, in my vehicle. This is the most cost-effective and efficient path of repairing my vehicle, if feasible. If your brother -in law states it's not possible, because the factory original wire harness has been removed, only then will I look to independent Porsche repair shops. If an independent shop can repair my vehicle , they will likely redesign and rebuild my vehicle's entire electrical system from the ground up, at a cost not even within the ball park of a Dealership. For this reason, a follow up by your brother-in-law is crucial. I need definitive answers to all three (3) questions such that it indirectly answers my question : Can any Porsche Dealership install an authentic Porsche part (wire harness) into my 1998 Carrera Cabriolet vehicle, once the factory original part has been removed? yes or no? .Once that option of a Dealership doing the work is exhausted, then I'll call your recommended independent repair shops about re-designing and re-building my vehicle's electrical system from the ground , up. To date, no dealerships or independent shops are willing to take on the challenge.
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

I will check again again its fixable...The problem is finding a shop willing..and its not going to be cheap..

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Bad news is good information I would appreciate. If you have contacted your brother-in-law and other Dealerships in particular and there are no takers, that's fine. But I just need to know you've done due diligence. You are my last hope. I'm awaiting your final answer regarding a dealership willing to install a wire harness in my 1998 993 Carrera Cabriolet of which the factory original wire harness has been removed. You may want to ask your brother -in-law to call other dealerships, as well.Thanks much.-Earnie
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

he said it would be very very costly chasing someones mess

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Last question:
Knowing that my vehicle's factory original wire harness has been removed, Is there an Authorized Porsche Dealership that you are aware of , and /or that your brother-in-law is aware of, anywhere in the country willing to attempt to install an authentic new Porsche wire harness into my 1998 Carrera Cabriolet ? Yes or No? (Regardless of price)? If so, please provide contact information of the specific dealership.
Thank you!!
Expert:  eauto replied 2 years ago.

ill reply Monday everyone is closed

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I need a definitive answer regarding my original question: is there a Porsche Dealership that you are aware of willing to install a new wire harness into my vehicle, knowing the original factory wire harness has been removed from my vehicle?
I need a simple "yes" or "no" answer. If yes: please provide the contact info of the dealership. Cost is not an issue. My insurance company will fund the repair, as long as an Authorisized Porsche Dealership performs the repair.