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I am looking a buying a 2000 911 with 183,000 kms (113k

Customer Question

I am looking a buying a 2000 911 with 183,000 kms (113k mile) on it. The car appears perfect is there any special maintenance issues I should be aware of ( major component failure coming up or one I should confirmed has been changed) with this high mileage vehicle?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Porsche
Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.


the ' 996' model year of porsche do have some issues

the IMS and RMS are terms you may have heard, IMS = intermediate shaft (bearing) and RMS = Rear main seal

the IMS issue is where the bearing breaks up and can lead to major engine failure if left untended

you will hear a rattle from the front/ pulley side of the engine, especially on cold start up if the bearing is failing

original parts tend to last anything from 30 to 80K miles and there are some aftermarket replacements which last a lot longer


the rear main seal tends to effect cars that are sat for long periods as it can weld itself to the crank and then tear as you start the engine

there is an updated seal which is a straight swap

so I'd ask about both of these as they are both jobs requiring the engine to be removed

also smokey exhaust with a 996 is most likely to be the oil breather system failing. It can lead to a cylinder filling with oil and the engine refusing to start, but a modified breather is available from specialists that cures this ill. Other oil leaks can occur from the cylinder head gaskets and pipes in the engine bay, but they are no more or less common than with other performance cars of this age and era

also ask about coolant usage as the car should use none, if its appreciable it can also point to a cracked liner

other things to check are the condition of the radiators as they can corrode if not regularly clenaed and if its a tiptronic check the state of the cooling pipes to the transmisson as these too corrode over time

and check the condition of the ignition coils over time heat from the engine and exhaust can cause the coils to expand and the insulation to crack.

Expert:  Matt replied 2 years ago.
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