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I have just returned a spa to service after storing it few

Customer Question

I have just returned a spa to service after storing it for a few years. Control panel and pumps were pulled and stored separately. pumps and motors were serviced immediately before storage. Controls are Balboa 2000LE M7. Equipped with a two-speed jet motor and single-speed circ motor. 240 VAC system. Ozonator, lighting. GFCI at subpanel and then disconnect on the deck closer to spa. All voltages were checked and are correct. When powering up, the jet motor cycles -- not sure whether it's cycling high and low speed or cycling on and off. It is normal for the jet pump to cycle in the Priming (Pr) mode? Or does this indicate a problem?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Daniel Zingarelli replied 1 year ago.

Yes the pump needs to be primed but sometimes it takes a few minutes to prime depending on how long the run is. And sometimes you need to add water to help it along.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

So the on and off cycling is a normal function of the priming mode for the balboa 2000LE M7?

I know short cycling pumps is really bad for the motor insulation...this cycling is like on for a second or two and off for a second or goes on for several minutes. I worked on this last night and then shut it off for several hours as instructed by a manual I found online. If the short cycling is normal, I'll resume the start-up this morning. (I already checked voltage again at the subpanel and disconnect this morning, and also rechecked for air lock).

Can I by-pass the Pr mode? I saw instruction online to just press one of the Temperature buttons on the topside panel. When I did so, the pump continued to short cycle, even though the mode showed as Econ or Std depending on how many times I hit the mode button.

Wondering if I have the pumps plugged to the control panel correctly. Pump 1, Pump 2, circ. Three separate places to plug in, only two pumps. I wish I had photographed this in 2010 when taking out of service.

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