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Have had a hayward pool filter years never had a problem

Customer Question

have had a hayward pool filter for 13 years never had a problem until 3 seasons ago when the filter required bakwashing frequently. last season after asking numerous pool places what to do and alsothis website i purchased a new cartridge for $500 that made no difference.i really dont know what to do next.HELP because of this im constantly battling an algae problem something i never had a problem with before
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 1 year ago.

Did you change the pump 3 seasons ago or placement of filter system? Also, what does the pool water look like now..cloudy? When you purchased the new cartridge was it entire filter or just the elements (inside pieces). I also need the information on pump size/model to determine if high head or medium head pump and also the filter size or model.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i did not replace anything 3 years ago last season i replaced the grid on a hayward de 4820 (or a hayward de 2420L)the serial # ***** Thewater now is ok but i have to backwash every few days.i am not sure of the model because it doesnt really show which one it is but thatserial # ***** correct does a pump wear down or does it just cease up when its done?i have 4 out hoses use to be able to use all buta few years ago shut two off to get better flow.i also use a robot so that would be less stress on the filter.this problem is old i knew i would have to address it as soon as i opened it just want to find out a solution
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 1 year ago.

It sounds like either you are not adding enough DE to the filter, it is time to chemically clean the DE Grids or the flow from the pump is more than the filter really wants.

You need to know the exact model of the filter or sq. footage and how much and how are you measuring the DE powder. If you do not have enough DE in the filter you will have short filter cycles. The powder is what does the filtering, not the grids. The grids just retain the powder.

Periodically you need to clean the grids of the filter. The grids can collect grease and oils and that would need to be chemically cleaned.

DE filters only need 2 gpm per sq. ft. of filter area. So your pool only needs a maximum of 96 gpm or 48 gpm depending on the correct filter size. When the pool pump pushes more water out than the filter grid wants the dirt stays on the grid and doesn't fall to the bottom causing the pressure to build quickly. I'm not sure I understand about the hoses. If the ph is high or hardness is high that could also cause short filter runs. One way to check if the pool pump pressure is too much is to inspect the grids. If they are baggy that means too much pressure has been placed on them. I do not have the information on the pump so I do not know if you have a high head or medium head pump as that could mean a difference but you said you have not changed them.

90% of short filter runs are from the DE amount used. I hope this is what is wrong as it is the easiest to fix. There is a product called PUR FIBER that you use less of than DE and seems to be easier for customers to use. If you can confirm which filter you have, I can confirm how much and how to measure the DE or Fiber.