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I have a Steamist unit built into a shower stall. I will not

Customer Question

I have a Steamist unit built into a shower stall. I will not heat. I took off the cover and have a red light on the board. Finally got a green light; it comes on when the unit is turned on in the shower. It heated for a while (orange light on) then stopped.
The controller in the shower may be the problem. The temp adj buttons (up and down arrows) don't work as they used to. The squiggly yellow icon comes on when the unit is turned on. While the unit was heating, steam came out but it stopped heating before the setting was satisfied. Set at 104, room got to about 92 and then stopped. Any thoughts. This unit has a toggle switch that is 7 something one way and 9 something the other way. I was told when I installed it 18 years ago to put it on 7. We don't use this unit very often. Hasn't been on for about 6 months.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This is my first time with this "just answer" service. If I have left out anything, please let me know. Call my cell no.(###) ###-####if you want.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am going to leave this site now. Please notify me at***@******.***. Or call my cell phone. see above.
Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.

I am very sorry your question has not been picked up yet.

I just logged on and found you had not been assisted.

Please let me know if you still need help and I will do my best. Please do not "Rate" as we have not worked toward an answer yet.

If you would like to proceed let me know by replying. Once again use reply..not "rate".

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Since I wrote my original inquiry, I have located the paperwork for my unit. I talked about three lights; seems there actually 4 lights. I am going to look at it again. The fourth light has to do with the water fill sensor. Could be that the tank does not have enough water in it and therefore the heater does not come on. Does this sound familiar to you?
Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.


There are fill parameters as a safety. The unit has detected that there is insufficient water supply and has faulted until the level is appropriate.

Once filled the unit will reset to normal.

Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.

OR....the water sensor is defective

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sounds reasonable. This unit is at least 17 years old. I have been trying to find a local (Central Texas) repair technician. There is a Distributor in Temple, but they do not do repair. I might be as well off to just replace the unit. I don't know if parts are even available for it. Any thoughts?
Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.

I generally like to save units. Being repair oriented I always put up a fight to make things last...however at 17 yrs old it is going to start a chain of other events...maybe a year, maybe 3....but the end result is it is time to invest new instead of repairing.

At 10 yrs I would feel differently...

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I will try shaking the unit to see if maybe the float valve is stuck. That would keep the water from coming in. With these kinds of equipment, you have to have "all the ducks in a row" for it to work; mechanically, hydraulically and electrically. Is there a way I can contact you again? I am still at work and will not be home until about 7:00 PM (Central). I will look at it again. Sometimes it is something real simple. I am hoping for that. If I need more help, I would prefer to stick with you.
Expert:  Billy replied 1 year ago.

all you need to do is check back in and go to this same thread. You will have an email to follow also.

Do NOT respond to this comment....respond when ready to proceed.


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