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I have a D1 Seville spa. Probably 1993 or 94.

Customer Question

I have a D1 Seville spa. Probably 1993 or 94. 025-SEVU-251-CP2-34240-0-1
The air line is clogged between the Ozone generator and the diffusor. How can I clean it out? My bicycle pump can pressurize the line to 60 PSI and no air volume. Is there a check valve somewhere?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry, Just noticed my email address was wrong. It is ****
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

All ozone units have a small check valve in the air tubing from the ozone unit to the mazzi injector some have two so the answer is yes. I would just replace the tubing and check valve for the ozone if you have a clog. Also the mazzi injector could be clogged at the top nipple where the ozone tubing goes on so be sure to blow out that as well. Here is a link to a good reference site for ozone.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Regarding Account # ***** and Order ID# *****:Thank you for your response. You seem to understand the problem, but not my difficulty in fixing it.I have tried blowing out the line towards the diffuser without any luck. I cannot blow the line the other way because of the check valve. I also suspect that the check valve is the location of the blockage. Access to the tube connection to the diffuser threads is not available. Of course the diffuser has been removed.Is there a way to take it apart from the diffuser/filter well side? On the equipment side the airline hose just goes loosely through a conduit and that is all I can see. I cannot access the output end of the airline tube. Would you like a photo?Is there some other way to remove the block without air pressure?It is a very old spa and I am willing to hack some trim to get access. I feel that the check valve and elbow were install when the manufacturer had access to the bottom of the spaThanks, Richard
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

Yes take a photo so I can see what you see but you may need to rip apart that area to access this line but a spa does not have to have ozone to operate why not look into a different system that you can use and not go through all this work?

You could look into using a UV light system or something.

Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

Here is a link to one site.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The difficulty is that the system uses this airline to increase water pressure/head through the flow switch and heater. Attached are 4 photos that show my system. I wish it was as simple as replacing the ozone system.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Forgot to say that I cannot see the airline check valve, so I suspect it is under the low pressure filter well.
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

Well if the air line is going into a pvc pipe then it most likely leads directly to the wall fitting where the ozone blows out you will need to access that side panel and dig through the foam to get at the back side of the fitting and most likely there is a check valve there. I see the tubing just after the flow switch and most likely that is not where the issue lies.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The D1 Seville spa does not have a check valve. The air line uses an anti-siphon loop. After I removed the corner wood and insulating foam.all I could see was the tube going directly to the diffuser connection. I could not access the entire tube and connection, so I made a system to hold acid in the tube. After many days, the blockage opened and now the spa is heating again.
My original question asked specifically about a check valve. I am disappointed that you did not refer to a diagram of this spa. Although, the final solution of ripping out the foam, did put me on the right track.
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

Well I am glad no matter what that you fixed the issue that is my main concern. I personally was unaware of the siphon loop. I hope that it works well for you now and I thank you for your time.