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I have a 2006 sundance hot tub - starting to develop leak -

Customer Question

hi - i have a 2006 sundance hot tub - starting to develop leak - pulled side panels - found leak coming from 2 tubes, each one coming off of an air control valve - slow constant leak from both tubes (air control valves) when both main pumps are off. (only small circulating pump is running). it seems the leak slows to a stop after water level in tub goes down.
this tub has 5 air control knobs - tested all, found other 3 work properly - however, the 2 air control knobs at issue do not pull air into system when turned to open position.
read lots on internet - i am leaning towards a jet internal not sealing properly into the jet housing - if so, how would i diagnose which jet is the leaking culprit and how would you confirm it?
is it most likely a seal or gasket under a jet?
anymore test i should run at this time?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

No as long as the jet insert is seated it should be fine all the jet insert will do is direct the water flow it can not cause a leak. The jet plumbing is where the issue lies. Now as for the air control units in most Sundance spas there is a ball within the air intake assembly that could be faulty in my opinion I would replace both air control assemblies completely to avoid a lengthy repair but you will need to cut the plumbing directly underneath the air control and glue in a new air control valve for each one but this is only one glue joint and much easier to do than diagnose the old ones.