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Fix my Pool and Spa
Fix my Pool and Spa, Owner / Technition
Category: Pool and Spa
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Experience:  Over 24 years in pool and spa service and construction
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I have a 2004 Cal Spa 8x8. I bought it used and it seems to

Customer Question

I have a 2004 Cal Spa 8x8. I bought it used and it seems to be needing service several times a year... I now notice that there is water leaking out of the control knob that switches the system from the center plume to the seat jets. It is the knob that seems to be the highest-flowing valve of all the valves....
Is there an easy way to fix this?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.

Yes there is an easy fix. Turn off power to spa. Remove the knob that you turn on that diverter valve you can wiggle it up and down till it pops off, under that cap is what is called a bezel this threads onto the plumbing part of the diverter valve and inside there is where your issue is. If you unscrew the bezel and slide up and out the gate that is on the inside , now it can leak form one of two places either it leaks up through the center where the stem sticks out that the handle you just pried off is connected or under the bezel there is an o-ring that is in the male threaded part attached to the acrylic, you will need to replace the o-ring and the 2 small o-rings on the stem that is in the bezel the gate should just pull down and out of the bezel, replace these o-rings and put diverter valve back together and then turn on power to spa and you should be good.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.

cool, i found the 3 orings , two smaller and one large. they all seem worn out.

Next, how do i remove the lamp cover to the led lamp housing? i removed the lamp plug and it was not even connected to the electronic lamp inside...see pic:

Expert:  Fix my Pool and Spa replied 1 year ago.
That piece just snaps onto the light lens you should just be able to grab it with needle nose pliers and pull it off. Not the big nut just the inner part where you took off the light bulb wires. that part just snaps onto the housing.

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