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TheHotTubGuy, Hot Tub Repairman
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I am replacing a 1 speed 5 horsepower motor in my Hydrospa Mark 3. I w

Customer Question

I am replacing a 1 speed 5 horsepower motor in my Hydrospa Mark 3. I would also like to replace both gaskets since I'm in there. Where can I find them?
Also, the new pump/motor has a different connection set up, I snapped photos of the old motor before disconnecting for reference but the old motor has a blue jumper wire that looks like its 'factory' done as the new motor doesn't. Also the new motor is labeled (A,B,C,1,2,3 etc) differently. I need confirmation that the way I have hooked up the new wires (black & white) are on the right terminals.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  TheHotTubGuy replied 2 years ago.
Every motor has a particular wiring terminal. There is a white label with a wiring schematic on it, it will show the location of each.
You will wire the new motor:
White = common
Red = hi speed
Black = low speed
Green = ground screw on casing
This is the standard pump wiring in most systems.
Pump union gaskets are available at place that sells hot tub parts or online. A 5hp is a large pump and they sometimes use a 2 1/2" suction union rather than the standard 2" union. You will need 2 2" pump union gaskets OR 1 2" and 1 2 1/2" union gasket. Flat gaskets work on all pumps, and there are flat "Oring gaskets" that work on most pump unions..but not all.
Here are 2 examples. Where you bought the pump probably will be able to supply you with the correct gaskets. You probably will not find these at a hardware store.
Standing by,
Expert:  TheHotTubGuy replied 2 years ago.
Have I answered your question? If you still have questions or concerns I will be happy to continue or explain further.
Just reply if you wish to continue. If I have answered your question, please take a moment to give me a kind rating for my time.
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