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I have a Hayward EC50 Filter and and Max Flo Self Priming Pump

Customer Question

I have a Hayward EC50 Filter and and Max Flo Self Priming Pump with two Dial a Flo valves that read full port, half-port, etc.
I know this is old, but still is working.
The pool came with the house (lucky me) and I just want to know which way the valve handles are supposed to go?
For backwash, to vacuum, for normal operation, etc.
If there is a website with a diagram or some instruction, please advise.
Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I am here to help you today. This is a very simple diatamaceous filter but they work great. I am not sure where your valves are located but one of them should be at the bottom of the filter. To remove the DE that is in filter before adding more, you just turn the valve to open (there may be a hose or pipe running off of this) push the lever on top of the filter down and then up quickly 2 or 3 times (this shakes the DE off of the "fingers" inside that prevent the DE from coming back into the pool) and turn the pool on. Dirty water should start coming out. Run pool till the water runs clear. Then turn off pump and close valve. That's the DE equivalent to backwashing a DE Bump Filter.
You then need to add DE back into the system. It takes 5 lbs. to "precoat the filter". This is added into the skimmer. There is a newer product than DE called Pur Fiber which collects more dirt before having to be dumped and you use less.
The other valve should be on the suction line skimmer and possibly a bottom drain from the pool. This controls how much suction comes from each line. You want to have 75% flow from the skimmer and 25% flow from the bottom drain. So 3/4 flow on the skimmer line and 1/4 open on the bottom drain line. How do you know which is what? Easy ..turn off pump and close one of the valves. Turn on pump ..go look in the skimmer box and see if water is moving quickly in it (the valve you closed will be the bottom drain line) or if there is NO water movement (the valve you closed will be the skimmer line).
Again, I am guessing from experience. If this is not it, then you may need to send a picture. If you do not have a valve at the bottom of the filter then there may be a plug. You really need a valve (SP023) and a backwash/discharge hose. Here is the manual link.