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What is best maintenance regimen 25k gallon salt pool

Customer Question

What is best maintenance regimen for a 25k gallon salt pool during spring when live oak is dropping lots of leaves seeds and then pollen?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 2 years ago.
We have the same problems in our area. I have found that the addition of enzymes such as Natural Chemistry's Pool Perfect, Pool Magic Spring & Fall (formulated for colder water), or Natural Chemistry's First Aid, or any other enzyme product will help greatly with the digestion and removal of pollen and any bathtub ring left from the winter. It also helps the filter from clogging and keeps the filter media cleaner.Jack's Surface Magic is a product that with just a few drops will make anything on the water surface go to the edges of the pool. It is a water surface tension product.Finally, we like to use the skimmer basket covers. It's like a sock that fits over the skimmer basket at the pool and collects the debris and pollen that normally will go through a skimmer basket. Many of them are treated to collect oils and such. They usually come in a pack of 5 or 6 and are disposable.The maintenance for the salt pool is the same as for a chlorine pool (minus adding tablets). You may find that you need to oxidize the pool with a non chlorine shock or a chlorine shock to keep up with the large amount of debris or spring rains that you get. The salt generator will go into a winter mode with cold water (normally under 65 degrees) and not produce as much chlorine as you need. Check your unit to see what % mode it is in and if you have manual control on that it may be time to increase the % for spring and then again when the water warms for summer. Be sure to add a cell protector or scale protector to the pool so the cell and pool water does not scale as the water warms.I hope I have answered your question, but this is a wide range of items. If I did not answer something in particular please let me know and I will do my best to help you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks. We were at 30% when we bought the house in winter. Raised to 40% a week ago and chlorine level went up to normal, Some Pool Perfect plus phosphates came with the house, so I tried that last week. Haven't tried the skimmer basket covers - that might be nice for the pollen and tiny flower blooms from other trees. Not sure we have a scale product. The company that built and serviced this pool for prior owner has not responded to phone calls to schedule "pool class" which is why we're using JustAnswer. We didn't use a cleaning service for our old house (small chlorine pool) and weren't intending to on this one (big salt pool). The pollen has mostly stopped, but high wind still blowing stuff from the ground into the pool. May try a bit more chlorine. I'm now getting some green stains in a few places that don't brush off the way algae did in the old pool. Assume it's from all the seeds, pollen and leaves. Otherwise, we're mostly balanced, but it was trial and error, like kids playing with a chemistry set.
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 2 years ago.
If you take care of the pool yourself, it is best to get a good relationship with a professional pool store that does water analysis. You need to a phosphate test done as that can interfere with chlorine production on a chlorine generator (salt pool). The chemistry is the same as your other pool but now you are adding a different source water. Check it to see what the water you are adding is in pH, alkalinity, and hardness as well as metals. On a salt pool the pH can tend to run high (again depends on source water and how much you add) so keep an eye on the pH. Keep between 7.2 - 7.8 as normal.You need to see if the green areas come off with a vitamin C tablet or a chlorine tablet. If it removes with a vitamin C tablet then you have some type of metal stain and need to investigate what could cause that as well as treat for it. If it removes with a chlorine tablet (they sell them per tablet at some big box stores) then it is a type of Algae and needs to be treated. Of course if it is from tannins (organic debri) they should eventually come up or an ascorbic acid should remove (Natural Chemistry's Stain Free).Please let me know if I can help further as I am here to help you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Good information. The place we buy supplies will do the testing, and we came up high on phosphates the first time (old owners had left a case of PhosFree, now I know why). The pool store guys don't test for metals. Maybe there's a fee, I should ask. The last 2 reports had Not Tested for metals or dissolved solids. Will go buy vitamin C tablet (don't have them here) and a chlorine tablet (left the old ones at the old house which we sold yesterday). I'll ask them to test the source water from the hose just so we know what to expect. It's the same city water supply as the other pool, but different water towers across town. And I'll look at Stain Free - the problem areas are mostly on steps and curves, not much on the bottom. The old pool was actually pretty easy and resilient. Despite being bordered with about 6 Cedar Elm trees, the pool never stained from leaves, cleaned itself pretty well, and if we got algae, we only had to shock, not a bunch of other stuff. No phosphate problems, no film of pollen, no sudsing (even with 2 waterfalls). I thought it was work until we ended up here. This is a lot more work: bigger, different/more trees, much older pool, salt, and of course the spa.
Expert:  Poolservice123 replied 2 years ago.
Sudsing can come from a Quat type algaecide or low hardness I think you will be have a good idea of what is going on.Again we are here if you need us.