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I have an "Aqua Pure" Chlorine generator model number PLC1400

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I have an "Aqua Pure" Chlorine generator model number PLC1400 S/N B09GH0957
I have error code 175 appearing on my display. My remote has programed 100 percent for the chlorine production. My test kit indicates that I have zero free chlorine and zero combined chlorine. My generator is free of any and all calcium deposits and is plugged in. The chlorine display has an illuminated light that indicates power is on and I have another LED light lit that indicates "reversing". Suction is excellent as my automatic pool vacuum is moving about the pool and my filter is clean.

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Hello, I am here to help you today. What is your salt level? Have you cleaned your tri-sensor? A 175 can indicate a low salinity. This could be from a few items to check. Let me know what your salt level is. Also what is your cyanuric acid level in the pool?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
My salt reading with a test strip is about 4300ppm. I cleaned the sensor last weekend and it was clean. However my pool Jandy remote indicated only 2400ppm. Would the salt sensor prevent the chlorinator from functioning? CY acid is at 50 ppm.
How old is the cell? Also have you calibrated the salt reading this year (24 hours after adding salt) 4300 seems high although if you have high or low salt it should throw a different error code. Yes if the Tri sensor has a problem (either flow or salinity or temperature) it could prevent production of chlorine (too much salt, low salt, temperature of water over 98 degrees) - if it "thinks" that is the situation. The Tri sensor is usually replaced with the cell. So I need to know how old is the cell and approximate gallons of pool. When a salt cell ages it will read a lower salt reading as well. I would like this information before starting to trouble shoot the circuit board.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The cell will be four years old in Sept. how long should the cell last? What are the pros and cons of replacing only the tri sensor? Where should I source these items for the best price etc.
You need to do a test on the cell for the voltage and amps. Do you know how to go into the menu and do this? How many gallons in your pool and how many months a year do you run the unit? The 1400 is for pools up to 40K, so if you have a pool that is 30K and you run all year round or 75% of year it is more than likely at it's lifespan. Does your unit have 3 ports on it or 2? Here is a 3 port replacement cell w/power cord only: If you have a 2 port let me know. I cannot tell from the serial number without calling Jandy and that is a long wait in line this time of year.
Poolservice123, CPO, CPI, CBP
Category: Pool and Spa
Satisfied Customers: 489
Experience: 40+ yrs, NSPF Instructor, NC Licensed SwimPool Contractor
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