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I have a Jandy Aquaswitch system (part number 7300 control

Customer Question

I have a Jandy Aquaswitch system (part number 7300 control box and 7200 PCB). the pump/system will not turn on or off with the timer or with the auto/off/manual switch on the 7200 board. If I have power to the box, pump/system will run. So I operate the system with the main breaker to the panel. My guess is I need new board but before a spend ($500-$800), is there another possiblity. Note that the heater light flashes when the timer turns to off position but the system never responds by shutting off the pump. The problem was intermitant (I.,e it would work sometimes) and is now permanent. Ken

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  garrygoeson replied 4 years ago.



My name is Garry


Based on your description, there is a possibility that the "Filter Pump Relay is somehow sticking in the closed position always sending power to the pump. I'm suspecting this because if you cannot cause the relay to open via the timer or any of the switches, the pump will run all the time unless you disconnect power by turning off the breaker.


The Filter Pump Relay is located in the power center. Do you need instructions on how to test it? A volt meter may be necessary.


Please let me know?


Hi Ken:


Do you need help to troubleshoot the relay for your Jandy system?

garrygoeson and other Pool and Spa Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Garry. I still haven't mastered the Justanswer web site but your answer gives me something to try. I assume I have"approved" your answer".


I have a volt meter or two, if you could provide brief instructions, i am sure I could do it. Also, please note that i have a salt system that also comes on when pump is activated via the main breaker. Must be interconnected with filter pump realy?

Expert:  garrygoeson replied 4 years ago.


Yes. Thank you for "approving" my answer, as I have been credited!

Since you have a volt meter, this is how to check the "Filter Pump Relay".

Remove the panel on the AquaSwitch Control Center:

The relays are located in the lower left corner. The relay on the top left should be for the pump. There are 4 screws on the bottom of each relay. From left to right, the first one is "Line One", next is "Load One", next "Line Two", and "Load Two".

If the pump is wired for 240 volts, you should NOT read this at "Load One" and "Load Two" if you have turned the pump off at the switch. If you have the pump OFF, but are getting readings at these two terminals, Then the relay is closed.

You should NOT get a 24 volt DC reading at the coil if the pump is OFF.

Let me know what you find!