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I have a Jandy Aqualink RS8 pool/spa controller. All the lights

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I have a Jandy Aqualink RS8 pool/spa controller. All the lights are lit and the display reads "6700 Rev C". I've read that this could be anything from faulty communications to a bad board. Where should I start troubleshooting? Resetting the controller did nothing. The wife said that he remote spa controller mounted poolside was "flashing and doing crazy things" this morning, if that helps.
Hello, hopefully i can help. the info. on the spa-side is helpful. being that the spa side was doing funny things, go to the Jandy main control panel, remove the front panel and disconnect the spa side remote. It is a brown terminal bar at the top of the main control bezel. now if disconnecting the spa side resolves the problem, then the spa side is bad. if not, with the panel still removed look the red terminal bar and make sure the wires are tight and coincide with the red terminal bar on the indoor controller. if all tight and wires coincide at this time i hope the problem is resolved, if it is still not, then your in door controller or main PCB board is bad. not being on site to test it is hard to pin point exactly which one is bad. again i hope i was of some assistance.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
there is nothing connected to the brown terminal but I see what you're talking about. That header has no plug connected to it but we do have a spa side remote and until this started happening it worked fine. The error on the inside unit, either 6700 rev C or 5250 rev c (it changes) sometimes clears and the thing works. Then it errors out again. Last night the error cleared and we could use the indoor control panel but not the spa remote.
hello, the following info. is just so i can explain how the jandy operates. the red terminal bar with 4 connections is for the in-door controller. and the red terminal bar wires in the main control panel must coincide with the red terminal bar in the in-door controller. the brown terminal bar with six connections in the main control panel is what operates the spa-side remote. if the wires from the spa-side remote are not connected to the brown terminal and it plugged into the pins on the PC board then the spa side remote should not operate, because there is where it receives the Low Voltage power. now sometimes when the in-door controller is not operating, is because the spa-side is causing the board to ghost. basically not work properly. so if it is disconnected and the system works, then the spa-side is bad and would need to be re-laced. if the owners want too. But you state that there is nothing plugged in to the pins where the spa -side terminal go. so i dont know how the spa-side would operate. you stated that last night the in-door controller was working and that the spa-side was not, which the spa-side should not operate if it is not connected. so i have to ask, what is happening at this time????
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hey there sorry that it took me a little while to reply.


The Whole Story...:-)


We bought the house about 3 weeks ago; this is our first house with a pool.


There is an inside controller in the kitchen, the Jandy RS8. There is also an outside controller mounted on the coping of the spa. Both of these worked until last week. The big control unit is mounted on the wall by the pumps.


Last week I noticed that the inside controller was displaying "5250 rev C", and seemed unresponsive. I started digging around the Internet trying to find a solution, and then pushed the reset button on the side of the controller. The message changed to "6700 rev C". When I talked to my wife about it, she said that the spa controller was "flashing and acting crazy." Indeed, it's flashing nonsense characters.


When I got your reply, I went out to the master unit and removed the cover panel. The brown bus to which you refer (directly to the right of the 4-wire 'red plug', and is labeled on the wiring diagram inside the cover as "spa controller" (or something like it) has nothing attached to it.


The inside controller occasionally will work (generally in the evenings, although that may be a coincidence). It acts completely normally and I can control all the features with it. Then it'll error out again and be unusable. I can't find any causal relationship between it working and not working.


However, working or not, the spa-side unit continues to either be totally dead-looking or flash gibberish.


Everything works from the master controller when I put it in "service" mode.


I hope this helps light the way a little more, and thanks!




Sorry for the delayed response. your info. was helpful.being that you stated that the spa side is flashing gibberish, you need to locate where the spa side is connected and disconnect it to see if it is causing the system to GHOST.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Any clue as to how to track that down?




Again sorry for the delayed response, but the wire for the spa-side should be in the main control panel. the ones i have connected are a gray sleeve that has several small wires in it of different colors.
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