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my hot tub jet pump hums but will not pump. the original motor

Customer Question

my hot tub jet pump hums but will not pump. the original motor was listed at 115/230 volts. The replacement pump that I installed is listed at just 230. It also just hums with not water being pumped. Any suggestions?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Pool and Spa
Expert:  poolguy810 replied 5 years ago.

poolguy810 :

Hello, how can I help you today? Well the first thing I would ask is, is this spa hooked up to 240 volts? Many spas are convertible and can run off of 120 or 240 volts, now if you have a 120 volt circuit to the spa, which would have run the previous pump, and the new pump is 240 volts, then it's not going to run at all. If you do have 240 volts feeding the spa, then the next thing we'd need to check is with a meter at the chord to the pump to see if the pack is feeding the proper voltage to the new motor.

JACUSTOMER-9i985s1e- :

how do I check the pack and where do I hook the meter up to. Also, what do I set the meter to.

Expert:  Charles replied 5 years ago.


I see you're still waitng for an answer......Preset the meter to 600v (A/C) first; hold both prongs on the places described below at the same time, look at the meter and it will show the voltage you have to the motor.


To check the voltage/current with a volt meter, touch the Red (wired) prong from the meter to the Black or red wire terminal on the motor connection, where you connected the wire(s) to; then touch the Black wire from the meter to the White wire on the motor connection. If you're only getting about 120v, then you do not have 240v, and the motor you have will not work, unless you have 220/240 supplied to the motor, assuming the motor cannot be reset to accept 120v.


Another way you can test the voltage is to touch the Red prong from the meter to the Black wire connection on back of the motor, and touch the ground (green) lug where your ground wire should be attached, it should read about 120v, then move the Red prong to the White wired connection while still keeping the Black prong on Ground, if you also get 120v there as well, you have 240v, if you get nothing on the White wired connection at the motor, you only have 120v going to the motor.


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