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Roy Belding
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Pontiac Montana SV6: On a Pontiac 3.4 l I found 2 coolant sensors

Customer Question

On a Pontiac 3.4 l I found 2 coolant sensors and no one knows anything about it
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  Roy Belding replied 1 year ago.
good afternoon my name is ***** ***** I wil assist there is only 1 coolant sensor at the back of the intake manifold by the thermostat. that is the one and only one. can you post a picture of what you thought was the sensor??? Roy
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Had a coolant alert, went on YouTube found a video of a 3.4L engine changing the coolant sensor. I located the coolant sensor on top on the block right where you are saying. There was a small guard over it, I have MS and the video showed taking the air inlet?? off to get to the sensor so that would have to happen! My son-in-law came and said it was a fuel injector (I knew he was wrong, that isn’t the place for a fuel injector) and found a sensor on the drivers side of the block on the firewall side and removed it and it was identical to the new one and had coolant on it, and replaced it with the new one! I had to swallow my pride as I knew he was wrong, I was upset as he said he has 30 years experience so I wanted to know what the second sensor is for!
AutoZone and a Chevrolet Part employee knows anything about a second sensor,
I believe there is still a possible problem with the other sensor!
Expert:  Roy Belding replied 1 year ago.
ok, what you replaced was the sender unit to the gauge, not the coolant sensor for the computer. what coolant alert??? low coolant level???
Expert:  Roy Belding replied 1 year ago.
how are you making out