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I have a 2001 Grand Prix GTP and I hooked up my ODB2 scanner

Customer Question

I have a 2001 Grand Prix GTP and I hooked up my ODB2 scanner on it and it was reading a PO442 small evap leak so I took it in and they replaced a vent valve said that was the problem. When I took it to the Emissions place it didnt pass saying that the I/M Monitors hasnt been thru its cycle to perform the test on the car to see if the system was ok. When i hook my ODB2 scanner on it theres no codes but on the I/M Monitor everythings green execpt for the EVAP its flashing red what does that mean and how do I get that to turn green?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  Roy Belding replied 1 year ago.

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the computer does its own test on the system and when it passes, it will set the monitor.

the monitor runs on cold start or when it has a cold soak for about 8 hours. the engine needs to run until warm and driven on the highway at 55 mph for about 3 minutes at a constant speed. the motor cannot be turned off and re started during this process or the test will stop and you will need another cold soak to re run


Expert:  Roy Belding replied 1 year ago.

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