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Derek Werner
Derek Werner, Pontiac Technician
Category: Pontiac
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I have a 2006 Grand Prix. This won't happen every time. The

Customer Question

I have a 2006 Grand Prix . This won't happen every time . The rpm's will jump all over the place. 1500 up to 4000 then down to 500. The engine and car was bucking around the whole time. Then it died. Got it home , let it sit and started it up and it ran fine for a day. I thought it was the MAF censor. Replaced that. There is no codes coming up. Need help !!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  Derek Werner replied 1 year ago.

Hello and welcome!

With no codes being set it is very likely that your crankshaft position sensor is failing. Especially if this is only occurring intermittently, i would replace the sensor. I have seen this problem before and it normally happens when the engine is hot. The crankshaft position sensor is located behind the harmonic balancer and a puller will be needed to remove the balancer.



Expert:  Derek Werner replied 1 year ago.

Have i answered all of your questions? I can follow up for any questions even after rated for free.