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Which car should I buy?? Im looking for a daily driver around

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Which car should I buy??
I'm looking for a daily driver around $2k, with nice style that is very reliable and will have the over-all lowest repair bill over the next 3 years.
1995 Accord or 2000 Grand Prix GT? Both have close to 200k miles and cost $1800.

or do you have a different car recommendation?

(please include explanation, thanks)

The Accord, no question about it. They are one of the most reliable and durable vehicles ever produced. At 200,000 miles, they honestly are just broken in. most will last 400,000 miles or more. The engine and transmission are extremely well made with little need for major repairs as long as maintenance(oil changes, transmission fluid changes, timing belt, etc) are kept up.

The 2000 GP at 200,000 miles is about at the end of its life expectancy and you can be guaranteed that within the next 50,000 miles that you will be replacing the engine or the transmission. They are just not made as well as the Honda
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The 2000 Grand Prix GT with 3.8L I'm looking at claims both the engine and trany were rebuilt about 35,000 miles ago. Does that change your choice?

Here is an accord alternative:


Only if they have records showing that a professional rebuild shop did the work. then it is about equal to the accord in how many more miles it will go.

If they cant produce the receipts showing the rebuilds were done by a professional shop, then likely rebuild was by a shadetree mechanic and you are looking at a whole host or problems down the road with it
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are the 96 and 97 accords better than the 94 and 95?

With 94 or 95 I save $30/year on emissions inspections, but someone told me it's harder to find mechanics to work on cars older than 96?


Better to get v-tech or non v-tech?

Am I better off with an Accord than a civic?


Non-vtech is the better engine in the Accord and they and the Civic really are equal in terms of engine and transmission longevity.

The 96 and 97 Accords are equal to the 95s. Stay away from the 98--2004 accords as they have major transmission issues due to different transmission designs.

Any mechanic that can work on the 96 and newer Accords can work on a 95. There are very few differences in them mechanically
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This one says it will start, but sounds bad when it runs: What do you think is wrong with it and estimated cost to fix?


that link goes to one that said it just quit running and wont restart - could be a fuel pump, timing belt, or ignition coil