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Pontiac Montana: I recently had my AC fixed on my 2000 Montana

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I recently had my AC fixed on my 2000 Montana (2 days ago.) Today the driver's side dash vents don't blow cold air. They blow regular air while the passenger side vents and all the rear roof vents still blow cold air. Is this a blockage in some tubes in the dash? And if so can i go in and clear it myself?
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What kind of repairs were done on the a/c system previously?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

There was a blockage in the air vent system (i think some glove compartment junk had blown into the system from there) That was cleaned out. Then the system was recharged. When I picked it up it was working great. I'm suspecting that some junk didn't get cleaned out and has since shifted so that now cold air can't reach the driver's side. It still reaches everywhere else. I was specifically looking for a dashboard diagram on how to take it apart and go in to check the vent tubes.

Your problem is not blockage in the airflow ducts. All of the air coming from the blower motor goes through the evaporator core. On these vehicles, when the system charge is low, the drivers side stops cooling first, then the passenger side, then the rear. Adding refrigerant will make the system cool again for a day or two. Since the system was low on charge before, there is a leak that needs to be located and repaired. A common area for leakage on these vans is at the condenser. (in front of radiator) Look for an oily spot on the condenser, closer to the passenger side of the condenser when viewing with the hood open. If you see an oily spot, the condenser is leaking and will need to be replaced.

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