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pontiac Grand Prix GT: As Im driving on the interstate about

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As I'm driving on the interstate about 75mph my car starts to loose power. It slowed down to about 60 then will inguage and go back up to speed. Up n down like that. While I'm still stepping on the gas.
I would do a fuel pressure test on it. I suspect your fuel pump may be starting to fail and cannot supply enough fuel to run the car at higher speeds. Running with the gauge attached should show the drop right away as soon as it loses power.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It does it in town just starting off also. And makes it shift real hard. Still fuel pump?

Yes, it could very well be. You need more fuel to accelerate, so it would do it then also. Once the torque signal to the trans is screwed up you can all kinds of weird shift issues. That will make it easier to diagnose.
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