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Pontiac Montana: 2004 Pontiac Montana, ABS Light and AWD disable

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2004 Pontiac Montana, ABS Light and AWD disable light came on while driving- rad owners manual and shut off engine, restarted, light still on- it is safe to drive? Will it cause damage to the vehicle by driving?

Where you driving in snowy/icy/rainy road conditions when the light came on initially?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.



Ok, the 2 most likely causes are either some snow or ice is in the back of the wheel interfering with the signal or that one of the rear tires spun at a slightly different rate from the others and set the light.

It will reset on its own after 50 ignition cycles.

It isnt a danger to drive in the sense of any thing failing .

At worst, you will not have ABS brakes, which means the rears can lock up on emergency braking.

you can test this in your driveway. Get up to 10 mph and slam on the brakes. if they dont lock up and skid, then everything is working.

If it does the rear brakes do lock up and skid, then you dont have full ABS until it resets itself. It will be like driving an older vehicle before the invention of ABS brakes.

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