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Dan, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Pontiac
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-a 2.4 water pump. 98 2.4 pontiac.

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I'am the guy with changing a 2.4 water pump. 98 2.4 pontiac. Today I got all the top exhaust manifold bolts out except for the last one at the end of the exhaust The manifold at the drivers side. IO have been looking at 1/4 and 3/8 air rachets. One does 45 ft lbs and the more expensive does 70 ft lbs. My sanborne air compressor my not run them. I get them at harbor frieght. I guess the onlyu way to find out is to buy them and try them. They take back enery thing subjuct to inspection for 30 days. I have a air gun and it pushes it good. Its 3 hp american made. Imagine that in today's world. I think ;ll buy amd try one. will a 1/4 inch air do most things in a g.m car? A 40 pound. The other 3/8 is a 70 lbs torque but it is bigger and may be hard to manuver. I guess I could buy both and return the one I don't want. There are some lines going behind the 2.4 that are hard to work around so I wanto take them loose. I got one nut to take out at the driver side and I am done with the top manifold bolts. Do you move the lines when you do these? I am going to leave 10.00 because you give friendly answers and if you stay with me thru this job I will increase it nicely.I am thinking of removing the thermostat housing as I saw one in some nice photos you gave back a month or so ago.Insee it didn't leave the 10.00 so write me back or l] I can call just answers too and see that you get the 10.00
OK. You can keep posting on one question instead of making new ones. I will help you through this. I use to do these in less than 2 hours back before my carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery. I use to like doing them because no one else in the shop liked to do them and would get the timing off when they done it.
Of course i have all the air tools but i like the 1/4" tools, they work faster and they are smaller. You need the 3/8" for the manifolds and the motor mount bracket. Need a good air impact for the harmonic balancer bolt. ( you also need a balancer puller) Of course, the tools i buy are from the tool trucks that come by but i use them more.
The coolant line that runs over the manifold is attached to the outlet on the back ( drivers side) of the engine. There is a 10mm head bolt that holds that pipe in the outlet. Pull that bolt out and pull the pipe out of the outlet and lay it to the side. There is an o-ring on that pipe that should be replaced. the dipstick tube and the vacuum tube, take the nut off the top that holds it down and bend it back out of the way.
I am normally on at night. let me know if you need any help with it.
The bolts that hold the bracket from the motor mount to the engine are very tight and not the easiest to access. Place the jack under the oil pan with a block inbetween and jack it up a little and take the motor mount off and you can lower it when your working under the fender for more room.
WHen you lock the cams down ( i just use 2 bolts) place a piece of rubber or wood wedge on the exhaust side cam on top of the chain and wedge it so the chain cant slip off. The chain can slip a tooth off between the intake and exhaust cams and when you start it, it will not idle right.
Another thing, make sure the tensioner gets released once you get it on.
I always get a new shoe for the tensioner because the clip breaks upon removal.
let me know if you have a question an a step. I can get a picture of it if needed.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Well I am back . I am down to the chain. I can't see any markI on the crankshaft sprocket gear. I line up the keyway with the stamped dot on the engine block. I was able to put 2 8mm bolts thru the can sprocket onto the block . I would be much surer if I knew this had a mark on crank to line up. I put a drop of paint on the tooth lining up with the stamped dot timing mark. I put wood over the exhaust cam sprocket wedging it in tight. I removed the 2 10 mm bolts holding the tensioner an removed it and shoe. If I don't put in a chain I am not likely to make a mistake . I would like to put a new one in . I got the old water pump out of the blocck removing 3 nuts. . Let me know about the way I have it setting for timming. Tell me about the chain too. I have a chiltton's to refer to also with diagrams.

There should be a little dimple in the 12 o'clock position to align it up by
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

the dimple is on the block side. Nothing on the crank . The 8mm bolts freely go in. I am going to see if #1 poston is at TDC to be sure. Do you put a new chain when you replace a pump always?

I dont replace the chain just the tensioner guide.
There is a dimple on the block at 12o'clock and one on the crank gear