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Pontiac Montana: Why wont my 02 pontiac montana start after

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Why wont my 02 pontiac montana start after being shut off on hot days? It will start again after it cools down, all the fuses under the hood are really hot.
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When the engine does not start, does the starter engage and turn the engine over, or does it not engage?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hi and thanks! Yes the engine does turn over. We thought that it was the fuel filter, and took the line off the filter from underneath, still didnt start. Spoke to a mechanic friend and they said to check the fuses and the relays. All I found was that they were hot. How do I check the fuses and relays to see if they are the problem? The van starts perfectly again after it cools off.
You can place you hand on the fuel pump relay and see if it clicks when the key is turned on. If it does then the fuel pump should run and the engine should start. If the relay clicks and the fuel pump will not run then the pump is likely failing. The motor is heating up and shutting down. Another common problem on these vans is corrosion in the fuel tank harness where if plugs into the floor of the van. Follow the harness forward from the tank and unplug it to check for moisture/corrosion in the connector. This can cause an intermittent starting problem, but is not typically temperature related. The temperature related failure is more likely to be the fuel pump.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The relay does not click when turned on. The temp cage shows the engine being normal. The Van ran all winter in sub zero weather and no problems, this has just occurred with the hot weather. What else can you suggest if it isnt the harness? Could it be a failing relay?

It is possible that the relay is bad, try swapping the fuel pump relay with one of the other relays in the fuse panel. If this does not solve the problem and the relay still is not energizing then I would suspect the PCM (computer) of being bad.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have ran a diagnostic check and nothing comes up.... I did try switching around the fuses and it nearly started but it was not the same style relay the fuel pump has 5 prongs, and the one I tried had 4 prongs.. Only after the van sat for a good hour or so did it fire up. Please explain how I can check to see if the computer is faulty? Thanks again...
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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the mechanic seems to have gone offline. Still waiting on a 3rd response.