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Pontiac grand am: how do you bleed the cooling system on a

Resolved Question:

how do you bleed the cooling system on a 2002 grand am with the 2.2 engine
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Pontiac
Expert:  Gary replied 5 years ago.
follow this here
  1. Fill the cooling system.
  2. Slowly add a mixture of 50/50 DEX-COOL antifreeze and deionized water to the cooling system until the coolant level reaches and maintains the top of the surge tank label. Important: It is necessary to maintain the coolant level at the top of the surge tank label to insure all the air has been purged from the cooling system.
  3. Install surge tank cap.
  4. Start the engine.
  5. Run the engine at 2,000-2,500 RPM until engine reaches normal operating temperature.
  6. Allow the engine to idle for 3 minutes.
  7. Shut the engine off.
  8. Allow the engine to cool.
  9. Top off the coolant as necessary.
  10. Inspect the cooling system for leaks.
  11. Rinse away any excess coolant from the engine and the engine compartment.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
tried this twice with no luck. The thermastat has no small hole in the flat flange part some ive seen have a small hole in them with some kind of check valve looking thing in them. Does it need this for a small amount of water to flow so hot water will eventually get to thermastat
Expert:  Gary replied 5 years ago.
yes that is an air bleed built into the thermostat.may i ask what was done to requier it to be bled?what was the original problem?what has been done so far to correct this problem?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

head pulled off new valve guides new water pump new thermastat dont recall if old thermastat had hole

Expert:  Gary replied 5 years ago.
did it do this problem before the head was done? what is it doing overheating?if so when will it?at idle?when driving?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
overheating at idle. Radiator hose that goes to the head gets real hot .Radiator hose that goes to back side of engine to thermastat housing does not heat at all. no heat to heater core. seems to be no coolant flow at all
Expert:  Gary replied 5 years ago.
ok.if that hose is cold and the other is hot then either that thermostat is not opening can boil a cup of water and check it with a thermometer and get the water to @ 200 degrees drop that thermostat in the water and see if it opens up visually.if it does then if that is ok then the no flow problem is going to be a plugged radiator,or one of the gaskets you replaced when you had the ehad off is blocking a port somehow and not allowing coolant to flow.but if it DID NOT do this before its something you touched.thermostat or one of the gaskets,waterpump
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