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2001 Bonneville: body control module..interior lights..power windows

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Hope you are having a good day.
Which body control module controls the interior lights and power windows on
a 2001 Bonneville SE?

Thank you!

The windows are not controlled through a body control module. The dash intergation module contols the interior lights and other functions, here is some more info.


You may have two different issues.


Battery voltage is provided from the rear fuse block to the DIM. The module ground is wired to ground. Battery positive sensor voltage is provided from the rear fuse block to the DIM. This battery signal is referenced to the ground sensor signal at DIM which is wired to the battery negative terminal and to ground. These sensor signals are physically connected to the battery positive and negative terminals for accurate battery voltage readings. The DIM is wired to the class 2 serial data line. The various DIM input and output circuits are described in the corresponding functional areas as indicated on the DIM electrical schematics.

The DIM functions include the following:
^ Power moding control (ignition switch states) over Class 2 serial data line
^ Control of headlights and exterior lamps
^ Interior lamps incandescent dimming
^ Steering wheel controls
^ Horn relay control for theft activation
^ Lamps On signal with wiper/washer

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