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Pontiac Aztek Rally What holds the glove box hinge onto bottom

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What holds the glove box hinge onto bottom of it push pins, or somekind of strange head screw...hinge broke, and I need to replace it...

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. Please DON’T hit accept until you are completely satisfied with the answer. About your vehicle.

2005 Pontiac Truck Aztek FWD V6-3.4L VIN E

They are screws on the door and rivets on the hinge that hold it fo the instrument panel.

There has been a service bulletin for the hinges. Here is what it states.

Interior - Instrument Panel Compartment Door Inoperative

Bulletin No.: 05-08-49-001A

Date: August 28, 2006



Instrument Panel Compartment Door Inoperative (Replace Hinge) Models:
2002-2005 Buick Rendezvous
2001-2005 Pontiac Aztek

Some customers may comment that the instrument panel compartment door is inoperative.




The plastic hinge may be cracking and causing the door to be inoperative.




Replace the compartment hinge using the following procedure:

Open the instrument panel compartment door.

Remove the six screws that retain the door to the hinge.

Remove the door.


Remove the lower closeout panel.

Remove the two 7 mm (0.27 in) screws that retain the compartment to the instrument panel.


Use a 5 mm or (13/64) drill bit and drill out the rivets that retain the hinge to the instrument panel compartment. Place a towel on the floor to catch the shaving from the rivets.


Install the hinge and rivets.

Install the two 7 mm (0.27 in) bolts and the closeout panel.



Tighten the two bolts to 4 N.m (35 lb in).

Install the compartment door.

Install the six screws that retain the door to the hinge.

Close the door and verify door alignment.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks...I don't guess this service bulletin has a recall for getting hinge fixed for free...if I go to junkyard and get a hinge off of wrecked Aztek, would I be able to get these rivets at a parts store, or would they be available by dealer only?
Sorry, I just had the question come back up in my console. A service bulletin is not the same as a recall, they just help to fix the problem.

The rivets would be available at a hardware store or the dealership, thanks
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
called Pontiac dealer...they can't get just hinge and rivets...would have to buy whole door assym...$243...can't afford it...gonna buy a piano hinge, and fix door...wish me luck...and thanks for your help
Now there's a good idea, (piano hinge) I sure hope it works, you might even patent it, (lol)

Thanks and best of luck with it, come again, anytime.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I had originally thought about using piano hinge, but had wanted OEM parts to fix it...after rep at dealership told me how much it would cost for door, he also mentioned that I might want to use a piano apparently I'm not the first to go this route...have a great day
Thank you and have a great day also.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
just thought I'd give you an update...piano hinge worked great...instead of drilling out rivets, I screwed screws into each one...had to drill extra holes in piano hinge, but it if it'll stay together, it's fixed...
What a great idea

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Glad you got it fixed. Thanks and come again, anytime.