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Pontiac Grand Prix GT My ABS light as well as my track off

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My ABS light as well as my track off light keep coming on at the same time. I start my car and they are on and do not go out but not always. I can stop the car put it in park turn the key off restart and sometimes it will go out but not always and it seems to be getting way more frequent. I have slammed on my breaks when the light is on and my wheels do not lock up so I am assuming that the breaks are working fine and I have nailed it off the line and the traction control seems to be working as well when the lights are on. I am sure it is some kind of sensor but with so many I would not know where to start looking or what it would be called.

Also I changed my oil and followed the instruction to turn off the change oil light and it will not go out. 2003 Grand Prix GT

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when the ABS/Trac light comes on


a fault code is stored in the ABS computer


you need to read this fault code to help determine the cause


the most common cause of ABS Trac light failures are the wiring harness that leads to the front speed sensors gets damaged you may be able to inspect this wiring yourself near the front bearing where the speed sensor is they break.


if you can not visually see any damaged harness you will need to read the codes with a compatible scan tool to access the ABS computer this type of diagnostic is 100 dollars


let me know if you need more help



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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Damn it..... I just had the barrings replaced 6 months at a shop but I am sure the warranty is out and the box warned of precautions that needed to be taken to assure that this did not happen. I would bet money on it that is what it is, to coincidental not to be. I think I will at least ask the shop to plug it in at no cost and now I have my own shop and I can fix it if they will not.

Thanks I will get the code checked and once again you guys have saved me a lot of time and have answered three questions and if this one turns out they way you think you will be 3 for 3.