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2001 Pontiac Montana: actuator..blower..comes out the vents) air

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2001 Pontiac Montana: removed the mode actuator for the blower system, but need to access the mode door (and I think the seals on it). What am I looking for and how much more do I have to dismantle to get to it? I get nearly no air up to the defroster (it all comes out the vents) and my a/c seems to be "dead", but I think it's mixing in lots of outside hot air with the a/c air.

Hello Customer. Welcome to justanswer!


YOu need to take the whole dash off until you can see the whole top of the heater case. see the picture below:



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Would it be fair to assume this is the problem if there is random sealing foam strip blowing up through the vents? Also, is this a job that I can do...and roughly how long do take it apart? I've done a lot of work on cars, but haven't removed a dash since about 1988. (I guess the real question is, how many estimated hours for the GM Techs to do it?)
Yes and yes. If the foam left through the vents I'm sure you will see that the door isn't working right. Be sure to unhook the battery for 10 minutes prior to starting the work. Its about 8 hours of work you have in front of you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks...I think? Any advice on a "how to" remove the dash in this case? Online, book, etc.? Don't need to waste any more time than necessary and I won't have a/c or defroster until I fix this, I fear.

In the file in the link below is all the info thats available on removing the dash.



Did the file go through okay?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks! One final I removing practically the whole dash, or just the lower portions (or can the lower only be removed if the radio, instrument cluster, HVAC controls, etc. are all removed)? Just trying to get all the info from you I can before I determine if I should start this today or wait...

YOu bet!


You need to remove the whole dash theres no short cut. The cross bar is what has to be out of the way to be more precise.

Anthony and other Pontiac Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Darn. Looks like Thanksgiving or Christmas break...(I'm a teacher, if it isn't done today, it's not getting done for a while...) Thankfully, I don't drive this very often anymore. Thank you for your help. Now, off to win the lottery.
Good luck with it and thank you for accepting my answer.